A wild ride into the future

What a year this has been, and there is more to come. We’re only half way there. 

And among the gloom, doom, survivalist crowd, they fear that with an international cast of lunatics in charge, they won’t be ringing in the New Year.

Is this the beginning of the end?

Or, is it the end of an era past and the birth of a New World Order?

Yes, it is, according to our forecasts. For both better and for worse, we had predicted this time would come and many of our Top Trends for 2018 support our vision of the future.

It’s more than a new political, socioeconomic, cultural system that is taking shape. It’s a combination of them all… it’s the beginning of a new way of life that expands beyond the bounds of the wildest imagination of prognostications that were made by futurists.  

From simple everyday life, it’s in front of our eyes and ears everywhere we turn.

In my generation, as a youth, a wild tech future was Dick Tracy’s watch which doubled as a phone!

Back then, and right now, nothing in the sci-fi world imagined that a maniacal force would capture an entire species — from infants to adults, from the poorest to the richest — with a device that would addict them to never stop staring at their hand.

And what’s to show for their ever-present, can’t put it down “Smart Phone?”

More stupidity or greater awareness?

What has it done to enrich and advance society?

Has it helped us think for ourselves?

Or, does Alexa do the thinking for us?

Is giving up one hand to hold a device helping us lead better lives, see where we’re going and the best way to get there?

As we forecast the future, yes and no.

Whether food or high tech, whether eating or texting, it’s how much you consume that determines balance or excess.

While many of our Top Trends are Tech-centric, others are being shaped by both an evolution and devolution of the human spirit.

In this Mid-Year Special Report, we analyze how these transformative megatrends are developing.

It is a New World Order… 2018 is a defining moment in history.

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