By Gregory Mannarino

Go ahead, tune into ANY mainstream financial media outlet and what will you hear? NOTHING, absolute zero when it comes to the current currency crisis.

What Currency crisis?

Today the root cause of surging global inflation is the fact that we are experiencing a full-on crisis of global currencies. Currency which is losing its purchasing power FASTER than any other time in history!

As a direct result of the current currency crisis, inflation is skyrocketing ON A WORLDWIDE SCALE! But you are not allowed to know it! 

Deceptions, distractions, and propaganda.

Currently, you have the mainstream propaganda narrative which is following in lockstep with the Federal Reserve and other central banks who are selling a lie! 

The lie being sold to a general population, which does not know any better, is that it’s low rates which are the root cause of surging inflation. NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! It IS NOT rates which are responsible for the skyrocketing costs, it is the currency which is losing purchasing power at an alarming rate.

And what are central banks doing about it?

For months now, central banks which include the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, have been raising rates dramatically. YET INFLATION CONTINUES TO RISE! This single fact alone should be enough to demonstrate to people that rates are not the problem, it’s the FACT that we are in a currency freefall with no end in sight!

IF central banks were actually serious about taming inflation, they would be focusing on stabilizing their currency, but this will not happen. Central banks are on a mission to create more inflation, not less.

FOR YEARS! Central banks have collectively and deliberately been in a race to the bottom, intentionally killing the purchasing power of the currency they issue therefore purposely creating inflation.

The power of any central bank resides in ONE THING! Their ability to inflate. 

Central banks’ product is also ONE THING, and that product is debt. 

The more debt a central bank can issue, the stronger they become at the literal expense of We the People who are given the “privilege” of having central banks allow us to use THEIR PRODUCT! The currency they create out of nothing.

People are being duped on a grand scale today, distracted, propagandized, told to LOOK HERE! As central banks and the mainstream media point at rates as the root cause for inflation. But in reality, it’s the purchasing power FREEFALL of the currency/CURRENCY CRISIS which is the real cause of surging inflation.

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