The entire world has its eyes on the USA as it becomes the DSA – the Divided States of America.

After just his first year in office, President Donald Trump’s approval rating, at about one-third, is the lowest of any first-term president in polling history.

But as the world’s media demonize Trump, he’s in good company.

The Germans have had it with Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose approval rating at 29 percent is at its lowest mark in her 12 years in office.

Remember how popular France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron, was when he was elected? With an approval rating hovering around 38 percent, they hate him in France almost as much as Americans hate Trump.

Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is floundering at 39 percent. South of the border down Mexico way, President Enrique Peña Nieto’s ratings hover in the mid-teens.

Take a trip around the world. They won’t count votes to see who really won the presidential race in Honduras. Been to Ukraine, Brazil, Venezuela, Somalia, Yemen, Myanmar, Mali, Libya, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa lately?

Divisiveness is not only a US commodity; it’s become the way of the world. And, thanks to political parties of those countries and media presstitutes who promote and sell a steady diet of their stupidity, hate, propaganda and lies, we live and breathe in an “us vs. them” world.

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