As forecast in our “New Millennial Political Party” and “Come Together Brand” Top Trends for 2018, citizens across the globe are disgusted with ingrained political systems in which elected officials carry out the will of special interests that enrich them with campaign contributions rather than serve the public’s interests. 

In a Globalnomic® world, in which all things are connected, Blockchain technology, the force behind the “Cryptomania Cashin-In” trend, also will prove to be the foundation for bringing Direct Democracy to We the People worldwide 

In Switzerland, where the most advanced model of Direct Democracy is practiced, the public votes on major issues that affect them locally and globally. Elected officials, as public servants, carry out the will of the voters.

But a major criticism of Direct Democracy, which puts the future in the people’s hands rather than political parties’, is that Switzerland is a small country where the volume of voters is more easily managed.

And when it is noted that “in a world where we can bank online, surely we can vote online,” the rebuttal is swift: The system is unsafe and can be hacked.

But that argument no longer holds; safety is built in. Blockchain technology is behind the exploding cryptocurrency market, and that technology is embraced by the biggest banks and financial institutions and insurance giants worldwide. They use it because blockchain encrypts data to prevent the record of transactions from being hacked or altered.

TREND FORECAST: As dissatisfaction of political institutions worldwide continues to accelerate, Direct Democracy will increase and gain momentum in 2018 as Blockchain Democracy becomes recognized as a global standard.

Another criticism of Direct Democracy is that We The People are too stupid to think for ourselves. Want a bigger military budget? Want to go to war? Like the current US tax bill? Who do you trust to make those decisions? Yourself or politicians and special interest groups?

The only obstacles to online voting are the people’s will to make it happen.

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