If trend lines drawn since 2001’s War on Terror are not reversed, World War III will not only be a Top Trend of 2016 – it may be the last world war. The toll exacted by the War on Terror is staggering: trillions of wasted dollars; countries and cities destroyed; millions of refugees; and untold numbers of radicalized jihadists bent on waging holy war on the West. And battlefronts in the Middle East and beyond have grown, becoming more volatile.

Despite incontrovertible evidence of spreading wars and escalating global tensions, there has been a deafening silence in the call for peace. In fact, UK Prime Minister David Cameron labeled those opposing his bombing campaign in Syria “terrorist sympathizers.”

Why? Is it because war, violence and bloodshed are moneymakers and people see no profit in selling and championing joy, beauty and peace?

Trend Forecast: With mounting terrorism fueling more bombing, troop escalation and war talk, 2016 is on track to be marked by historic levels of violence worldwide.

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