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by Bradley J. Steiner
The New York Daily News online carried a great story on 30 November 2020 in which a life was saved by quick, aggressive, decisive, merciless action!
In Southern California, a nut broke into the home of a former girlfriend and proceeded to choke her. Her mother and sister came to the woman’s rescue. Unable to pull this nut off of his victim (he was, according to the news story, too strong), a golf club and a knife saved the day! Each woman seized the weapon-at-hand and went to work on the would-be murderer. By the time the police arrived – responding to a domestic violence call – the would-be killer was dead. Finis!
Now that’s the kind of story I enjoy reading. Incidentally, the police statement declared that the women were “well within their rights” using deadly force to save the intended victim’s life.
What I love about stories like this is they make the fact obvious that people can defend themselves successfully. They also make it clear how they can do so. That is, by decisive, aggressive, relentless, absolutely ferocious retaliatory action.
Ultimately, what enabled the mother and sister to successfully defend their loved one was MINDSET. These two ladies did not hesitate when they realized that some scumbag was attacking their relative. They went into action!
It doesn’t take long for a strong, enraged man to choke a woman to death when she cannot act in self-defense. And it didn’t take long for her mother and sister to attack the attacker, and to resort – properly – to the use of weapons available when their physical strength fell short of that which was required.
The only unfortunate thing about the incident is that the victim herself was not armed with a handgun or shotgun, and thus could not shoot the dangerous animal when it smashed through the window of her home.
That, and it was equally unfortunate that the mother and sister had no firearm… but instead had to exert themselves considerably to stop the damn monster.
These atrocious attacks happen. It would be foolish to dismiss them as always happening to someone else. Remember: to other people in your community, you are “someone else.” It could happen to you.
The inspiring fact people such as these two ladies demonstrated is that it is very possible to defend against violation if you have a serious made-up mind to do so, and if you drop all nonsense squeamishness about “how” you’ll do it.
In self-defense (real self-defense, not MMA; sparring in a dojo; or rehearsing politically-correct, feel-good B.S. with corporate partners in a self-defense class), anything goes. Anything.
Use your hands and feet in the most destructive, violent, vicious manner. Gouge, claw, rip, bite, chop, kick… preferably using quality skills of close combat, which are readily learned and doable in an instant once committed to motor memory. Use anything at hand to assist yourself. It doesn’t matter a damn if the scumbag who attacks you is armed or not.
He doesn’t get to decide how you will deal with him! Don’t be sidetracked by moronic thoughts of ethics, forbearance, decency, rules, and so on. Self-defense is not a game or a sport. Anyone who unjustifiably initiates violence upon another deserves the same consideration you would give a roach on a picnic table. Destroy him!
Anyone forcibly entering your home or apartment and attacking you is a potential murderer. Deal with him immediately and with the most destructive degree of armed or unarmed force you can generate.
Don’t allow the beast to deprive your family of you, or possibly to deprive you of your family! Go get him! Retaliate to unprovoked criminal violence like a wild animal. Render the bastard useless, harmless, and have not the slightest tremor of hesitation about doing so. The faster and more viciously you react to violence, the greater the likelihood you will suffer little and defend yourself successfully.
Over the years, I have been accused of being “too cruel”; of teaching methods that are “too violent and dangerous” and of having “no heart about damaging and harming assailants.” Frankly, I react to such nonsense accusations with mild amusement and frank contempt for the speakers. It is the violent offender who is “cruel.” All violent attacks against innocent people are extremely “violent and dangerous” – often resulting in the unintended maiming or death of the victim.
And the “heartless” one is the scumbag who sees another human being as a predatory find; who goes after that other human being solely for the gratification of his insane desires.
Am I without mercy for violent criminals? You’re goddamn right I am!
And too bad if anyone doesn’t like it.
My compassion (and I am very compassionate) is for the victims of unjustifiable violence, and for their loved ones and friends who suffer horribly as a result of the criminal’s act. My heart goes out to anyone who is bullied; to anyone who has been assaulted and beaten; to any victim of armed robbery, home invasion, mugging, carjacking, rape, or terroristic intimidation. These are the one’s deserving compassion and help.
Violent offenders deserve the worst they get – in triplicate. Their lives don’t matter… they are not entitled to fairness, mercy, restraint, compassion, or even medical attention in my opinion, when and if they are injured as a result of targeting the wrong person. Let ‘em rot in the gutter, as far as I am concerned.
It is my ardent desire that you and yours be ready, willing, and able to handle yourselves if, God forbid, criminal violence comes to you. The time to prepare is NOW. Before it happens, when there is time to learn, alter your thinking, acquire combat mindset, obtain training in quality unarmed close combat, secure weapons and ammunition, and face reality.
The time to start is right now.
These “Survivalism” articles are a good beginning for you. Take their message to heart. No one cares more about your welfare, your survival, well-being, and prosperity than YOU.
And never forget the simple truth that YOU CAN DO IT. You need not be a helpless victim or live in fear.

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