U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

With some 64 percent of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, with credit card debt near $1 trillion, total household debt at $17 trillion, it’s middle class having shrunk 11 percent since 1970… what’s another $10 billion of U.S. taxpayer’s money to be sent to Ukraine?

On top of the $113 billion already sent to Ukraine since last year, Janet Yellen, the former Fed-Head now U.S. Treasury Secretary, announced last week that the Biden administration will provide Ukraine’s battered economy another $10 billion in economic aid.

And while the latest research shows that some 50 percent of older Americans say they don’t have enough money to live on and will never be able to retire, this funding goes directly to Kyiv for pensions and other social payouts. 

Yellen made the announcement during the G20 meeting in India. She said it is the economic assistance that makes Ukraine’s resistance possible “by supporting the home front: funding critical public services and helping keep the government running.”

She continued, “In the coming months, we expect to provide around $10 billion in additional economic support for Ukraine.”

Yellen, like most Washington loudmouths who bravely sell war but are unable to fight their way out of a paper bag, boldly declared that “We will stand with Ukraine in its fight for as long as it takes,” Yellen said. 

TRENDPOST: It’s worth noting that while the U.S. continues to pump Ukraine with billions as Americans continue to struggle financially under the pressure of high inflation that came in at an official 6.4 percent for the year ended in January 2023. A LendingClub report found that half of all six-figure earners also said they were facing financial challenges to show the strain that high prices have put on even higher earners.

‘Redouble’ Efforts

Yellen repeated British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s statement that the one-year anniversary of the Ukraine War showed that the West has to “redouble” its support for Kyiv. She warned China against helping Russia evade sanctions. 

“We have made clear that providing material support to Russia or assistance with any kind of systemic sanctions evasion would be a very serious concern for us,” Yellen said, according to The New York Times. “We’ll certainly continue to make clear to the Chinese government and the companies and banks in their jurisdiction about what the rules are regarding our sanctions and the serious consequences they would face for violating them.”

Officials in Washington have been selling the claim that China is considering providing Russia with weapons, a claim Beijing has denied. Besides the possible weapons shipment, the Times, citing trade data, reported that countries like Turkey and China have “stepped in to provide Russia with products that civilians or armed forces could use, including raw materials, smartphones, vehicles, and computer chips.”

U.S. officials, citing intelligence reports, said China is considering providing Russia with artillery and drones.

Yellen “directly confronted” senior Russian officials during the G20 meeting, the report said, and called it a “moral imperative” to end the war.

The paper, citing remarks provided by a Treasury Department official, reported that Yellen urged Russian officials to understand that their continued work for the Kremlin “makes them complicit in [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s atrocities.”

“They bear responsibility for the lives and livelihoods being taken in Ukraine and the harm caused globally,” she said.

TRENDPOST: Regardless of the constant stream of positive press about Ukraine, the reality on the ground is that the country is losing the war against Russia, and while the West would love to see Russia destroyed as a result, the threat of a nuclear exchange is real. (See “READY TO DIE FOR UKRAINE? RUSSIA WARNS OF NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION” in this issue of The Trends Journal.)

The West’s only hope is to continue its effort to destabilize the Russian economy, which is why there is a new threat to punish those willing to work with Russia. Washington also announced another round of sanctions that take aim at hundreds of entities in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. The FT noted that the U.K. and Japan have also announced similar, coordinated measures.

Zelensky addressed the G7 last week, and the group issued a statement calling on “third countries, or other international actors who seek to evade or undermine our measures, to cease providing material support to Russia’s war or face severe costs.”

Gerald Celente said the U.S. and West are not waging a “proxy war” with the Russian Federation, but are engaged in WWIII. (See “TOP TREND 2023, WWII,” “WAR -MONGERS IN CONGRESS PUSH RECORD SPENDING FOR MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX” 17 Nov 2022 and “U.S. MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX HEAD LLOYD AUSTIN PROMISES UKRAINE WEAPONS OF DEATH TO BEAT RUSSIA” 25 Oct 2022.) 

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