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This is week 33 of our reporting the long trend-line of layoffs that signal a further economic downturn in a country near you. Rising inflation and rising interest rate hikes are causing companies in many sectors to lay off employees. And of course, the more people fired, the more home foreclosures, inability to pay car loans, credit card debt, etc. 

And this too will accelerate the banking crisis, since the deeper the economy falls, the more people laid off the higher office vacancies will rise. Thus, with leases not being renewed, variable rate mortgage costs rising as interest rates rise, there will be more loan defaults. 

● Tyson Foods laid off 1,700 staff

● Volvo buses to restructure in Europe leaving 1,600 without a job

● Penn State president says cuts will be deeper than anticipated

● Anchorage Digital will shrink 20 percent cutting 70

● Klaviyo laid off 140 staff affecting 10 percent of their business

● Amgen will cut 450 jobs in their second round this year

● Disney has reported plans to cut up to 7,000 staff in budget cuts

● Wipro cut 120

● Livspace laid off over 100

● Credit Suisse is expecting 9,000 cuts

● Amazon will lay off 9,000 more staff

● FreshBooks lost 80 members amounting to a 10 percent reduction

● Just Eat axed 1,700 delivery jobs

● Millikin University cut 15

● Penske Trucking in Keller lost 152

● Twitch lost 400 staff

● Sikorsky has reported layoffs

● Team17 has reported a small number of cuts

● Ace Hardware West Plains Distribution Center lost 86 staff

● UPS Facility in Warwick cut 100-150 jobs

● DC Comics announced a small round of cuts

● Solo cup lost 84 workers

● Lockport City School District NY cut 12 positions

● Coherent cut 108 staff

● Leafly Holdings Inc. cut 40 staff

● Course Hero cut 42 jobs

● Excela Health and Butler Health System lost 13 managerial jobs

● Bonusly cut 30 percent of its staff

● Crozer Health cut 215 positions

● Freshworks cut a small number

● Boxed.com cut 32 staff

● CHEP Services LLC lost 99 employees

● Heritage Operations Bloomington corp. office cut 69 workers

● Fetch Rewards cut 100 positions

● Dukaan cut 80 internationally

● Krispy Kreme cut 102 employees

● Bemidji State University lost 23 jobs

● Penn Medicine eliminated administration positions

● Microsoft lays off team responsible for AI ethics

● SVB Bank cut 100-120

● Anchorage Digital lost 75 staff

● Meta cut another 10,000

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