“You never go full retard.”

The line from the gloriously politically incorrect mock action flick Tropic Thunder may have a lesson for human artists facing job losses and career obsolescence from AI content generation systems.

That answer lies in specializing in creating edgy, provocative content that most of these new AI systems bar creators from producing.

As Gerald Celente aptly says, it’s an Ontrendpreneur® opportunity ready to happen.

The key for creatives to understand is that SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) AI content generating platforms and apps are being built with the same woke biases and restrictions that have marred and destroyed once relatively free social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

Twitter was in the same category until Elon Musk took over in 2022 and took substantial measures to free up the bird.

As far as woke AI systems that won’t let writers and artists generate certain content, human creatives should be thankful, flip these platforms the bird, and go out and forge a path of hyper-free expression.

Nothing should be off limits. Tropic Thunder delighted in flinging itself over the politically incorrect edge.

It tossed around verboten words, “insensitive” jokes, and featured a hilarious scenario where an blue-eyed Australian actor (played by Robert Downey Jr), cast in the role of a black soldier in Vietnam, literally dons blackface and adopts a persona straight out of 1970’s blaxploitation.

Tropic Thunder, and its theatrical soulmate of the same era, Team America: World Police (which has one of the most hilariously outrageous sex scenes you’ll ever witness by human or puppet), couldn’t be made in today’s Hollywood.

And certainly no hopelessly woke and bland ChatGPT AI program could write the script.

So human creatives who want to thrive in the fast unfolding age of AI creative content producing censorship should focus on any (or all) of the following…


Writing content that’s not afraid to question and counter government authoritarian narratives. When authorities clamp down on certain topics and lines of questioning, run in that direction and dive deep into the info and subjects they want to suppress.

No Bounds Comedy:

Pioneers of new blue and dark comedy in the 1960’s and 70’s, opened up an exciting era of exploring darker subjects, and using profanity (ie. blue language) in ways that often shocked audiences. A golden age of exuberant, sometimes trashy freedom ensued. But hostile backlash from zealots programmed at universities in woke hypersensitivity, has all but killed and canceled that kind of comedic content, especially in the last decade. It’s time for new pioneers, and woke AI only makes it easier for unshackled human creatives to lay waste to a modern landscape ripe for skewering. Woody Harrelson recently showed the way on SNL, creating controversy, but also widespread attention when he observed concerning the disastrous COVID War:  

“So the movie goes like this. The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes. And people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs and keep taking them over and over.

“I threw the script away. I mean, who was going to believe that crazy idea? Being forced to do drugs? I do that voluntarily all day.”

Government toadying mainstream media, obviously shaken by Harrelson’s brutal send-up, and his anarchic monologue in general, sought to marginalize it with predictable smears and epithets:

“Woody Harrelson’s delivered a strange, anti-vax ‘SNL’ monologue” -Mashable

“Woody Harrelson Spreads Anti-Vax Conspiracies During ‘SNL’ Monologue” – Rolling Stone

“On SNL, Woody Harrelson pushes popular covid-19 conspiracy theory” – The Washington Post

But Harrelson showed that the way forward for human creatives is to satirically burn down and pillage the politically correct narratives and nostrums of the woke authoritarian gatekeepers.

True Cultural Diversity and Pride:

Whatever culture you hail from, try standing up for it. Bask in its unique history, achievements, while remaining real about its failures and disasters. Above all, reject ersatz propaganda which absurdly paints especially European cultures in a “We Are The World” blender.

No, sub-saharan Africans are not typical or accurate representatives of Nordic culture and history. Iraqi muslims don’t historically characterize the Irish.

Politically woke zealots would launch into outrage if European whites who might reside in China were habitually used to represent or embody Chinese culture, ethnicity or history.

They would go apoplectic if caucasians residing in Nigeria were plastered around stock photo sites as embodying Nigerians.

So, human creatives, mine the rich quirks, the brilliance and absurdities of actual cultures, and ditch the woke blender that seeks to obliterate its favorite current targets: biological sex distinctions, “whiteness,” cultural differences, and (some expressions of) ethnic pride.

Sex, Politics & Religion

Human creatives can counter Woke AI censorship by letting loose with “dangerous” freedom. 

If ChatGPT won’t answer questions about it or write about it, take it as a golden signpost. If Dall-E or Stability.ai won’t render your vision, there lies your art, waiting for your human freedom to visualize.

Want to write epic sci-fi where women are objectified and sexualized in wild pornographic servitude to hyper-masculanized men? Well, it’s actually been done, in John Norman’s famous Gor series.

But Norman would have trouble finding a publisher today (in fact, by 1988, his publisher of the time did refuse the 26th installment of his commercially successful series).

So write that new series that AI has been programmed not to touch. ChatGPT doesn’t do violence, or porn. Let’s face it, if that’s the case, human writers won’t be outmoded by AI anytime soon.

Dall-E and stability.ai won’t produce erotic or violent images. That’s a gaping hole for human creatives.

So create dissident art and imaginative works. 

Some of my personal favorites include fantasy / sci-fi and erotica masters like Boris Vallejo (eg. “Flight”), Playboy artist extraordinaire Alberto Vargas (Cars 1979 album cover Candy-O and iconic pin-ups), and Frank Frazetta (eg. “Princess and the Panther”).

Sketch those acerbic political cartoons that take no prisoners among the elites and Faucian embodiments of “science” who posit themselves as beyond questioning.

Show the bloody warmongering violence of our leaders, hellbent on destroying our world. It’s not theirs. Don’t cede control. Use your talents to throw them on artistic pikes.

Identify the propaganda and preferred narratives, and go to town wrecking them. “Jesus,” “nuclear families” and “replacism” make them scream?

Mine for real stories that shake up propaganda narratives. 

The current chronicle of the last major Christian revival in America, Jesus Revolution, made on a shoestring budget of around 15 million, has been a surprise (to Hollywood wokesters) smash.

It chronicles the coming together of late 1960’s hippies burned out on drugs and empty sex, seeking something more meaningful, and improbably finding it by confronting and finding commonality with a straitlaced (and dying) congregation in Costa Mesa, California.

The movie is refreshing, because it doesn’t pander to either a conservative Christian or a woke audience. It tells its story, showing the warts of its various flawed characters, who nonetheless find commonality in a Jesus who Himself doesn’t fit any comfortable mold. He is radically accepting and forgiving, and at the same time confronts and challenges people to do the same, to be humble, and to strive to do better in their lives and relationships.

To sum up, the woke strictures on AI content generator platforms may actually spell a reaction renaissance in disruptive human creative freedom.

The Ontrendpreneur® opportunity is there for the taking. 

Of course, getting up to speed on decentralized censorship web3 technologies is another important component of combating the AI mind prisons currently being developed and regulated by the government-corporate technocracy.

And gifted entrepreneurs, engineers and software coders who want to support human creatives should focus on developing web3 solutions and ecosystems that make it easier for humans to disseminate, acquire and create in freedom, while honing mechanisms where people can directly share in support, investment and remuneration—while cutting out the censorious overseers and middle players.

The Trends Journal probed AI systems to expose their limitations, biases and occasional refreshing off the rails responses, and reported to our readers well before most others news outlets were onto it. (See “CANCELED IN THE METAVERSE” 16 Nov 2021,  “YOUR AI LOVER DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU (AND THAT’S WHY IT’S SO SEDUCTIVE)” 10 May 2022, “YOU WILL OWN NO SOFTWARE AND BE HAPPY—PART ONE” 18 Oct 2022 and “YOU WILL OWN NO SOFTWARE AND BE HAPPY—PART TWO” 1 Nov 2022.)

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