Exterior Of European Union Commission Building In Brussels, Belgium

A letter signed by workers from the European Commission took issue with their boss who is president of the Commision, Ursula von der Leyen, for expressing unconditional support for Israel while seemingly disregarding the devastation in Gaza from constant bombings. 

The three-page letter was viewed by news website Euractiv, and was sent to EU delegations around the world. About 850 people signed the letter. There are about 32,000 people who work for the Commission. 

The letter condemned the terror attack that was perpetuated by Hamas, but also strongly condemned “the disproportionate reaction by Israel against the 2.3 million civilians trapped in the Gaza Strip.”

“Precisely because of these atrocities, we are surprised by the stance the European Commission has taken—and even other EU institutions—promoting what has been described in the press as European cacophony.”

The letter continued, “We are saddened by the patent show of double standards which considers the blockade (water and fuel) operated by Russia on the Ukrainian people as an act of terror whilst the identical act by Israel against the Gazan people is completely ignored.”

The letter warned that if Israel is not stopped, the whole Gaza Strip and its inhabitants “will be erased from the planet.”

“We urge you [von der Leyen] to call, together with the leaders of the whole Union, for a ceasefire and for the protection of civilian life. This is at the core of the EU existence,” they said, warning “the EU risks losing all credibility.”

Despite the letter and a growing number of protests in the Middle East and elsewhere, von der Leyen seemed to double down on her support for Israel—while condemning Iran for attempting to stir “violence and chaos” in the region, according to Politico.

TRENDPOST: It is worth noting that von der Leyen is the quintessential establishment Western official attempting to tie the Israel war to the Ukraine War.

“All these conflicts have one thing in common: they are about the struggle between those who seek peace, balance, freedom, and cooperation—and those who do not want any of this because they profit from the chaos and disorder,” she said in a speech on Sunday, according to the website.

Her position is important because she is considered the face of the European Union.

This issue is not exclusive to the EU. 

Josh Paul, a long-time U.S. State Department official, announced his resignation on Wednesday over the Biden administration’s approach to the Israel-Hamas war that continues to rage while causing one of the world’s biggest humanitarian calamities.

Paul had worked for the office that approves arms transfers, said in an interview: “I recognize the Israeli government’s right to respond and to defend themselves. I guess I question how many Palestinian children have to die in that process.”

The Huff Post reported that there are growing tensions inside the Biden State Department over the handling of the conflict. 

Officials told the news outlet that Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his top staffers “are overlooking widespread internal frustration.” 

“Some department staff said they feel as if Blinken and his team are uninterested in their own experts’ advice as they focus on supporting Israel’s expanding operation in Gaza, where the Palestinian militant group Hamas is based,” the report said.

One official told the outlet that there is “basically a mutiny brewing within State at all levels.”

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