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Companies and universities have faced challenges when they tried to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory, due to unresolved legal issues, including the fact that these vaccines are being used on an emergency order and have not yet received full approval from the FDA.
The Washington Post reported that some employees across the U.S. have express trepidation about getting the unproven vaccine and have threatened legal action if their employment requires the jab.
Wendy Lazerson, a lawyer co-chairing Sidley Austin’s labor and employment practice, told the paper 36 states have attempted to “pass legislation that you cannot compel people to get a vaccine as a condition of either employment or, sometimes, obtaining products and services.”
The Biden administration has been blamed for being ambiguous when it comes to vaccination and ways to prove inoculation.
“The U.S. has no ‘proof of vaccination’ system and the Biden administration refuses to support such a system of verification,” Lawrence Gostin, the head of Georgetown University’s O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, said, according to the paper. “This ambiguity serves no one, and leaves the public more confused about how to keep themselves safe.”
TREND FORECAST: The vaccine push will moderate in the coming months, but by late autumn, politicians and the media will be warning the public of a new virus variant and, in the name of public safety, the requirement will be for all citizens to get the new COVID Jab. This will, in turn, accelerate the movement for a national COVID Passport. 

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