Tune in to Gerald Celente’s new Friday Trends Special show

You’re invited to tune in to the Friday Trends Special show, a new Trends Research Institute video posting on TrendsResearch.com each Friday at 6 p.m.

The Friday Trends Special is one of many bold, exciting improvements we’re rolling out this spring. We’ll showcase my conversations with OnTrendpreneurs who have built and grown successful businesses, and we will feature a wide range of special guests and unique insights covering on-trend topics.

These shows will have you thinking, learning and even laughing as you’re entertained and inspired. Each week we’ll explore how passion, innovation and skill can drive us to achieve what matters, what makes meaningful change… and what can make us money, too!

Just click on the Trends in the News link for your Friday Trends Special. Can’t make it at 6? No worries; as with all our broadcasts, it’s available at TrendsResearch.com 24/7/365.

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