In the modern history of America, this election season will not only prove to be the most contentious, but also the most violent. For example, the fights and protests that have frequented Trump supporters on the streets, which caused him to cancel his Chicago appearance and blocked his motorcade in California, are ominous signs of the times to come. From barroom brawls to offices, neighborhoods, friends and families, the more the campaign heats up, the harder the battle lines will be drawn and the greater the prospects for personal and even physical conflicts among a polarized populace.

Yet, the more frequent these unprecedented acts of violence and protests grow, the more acceptable will they become as the new normal behavior among fans of The Presidential Reality Show™.

Unfortunately, the greater the mob scenes, the more contentious the race becomes, the greater the threats on the lives of candidates and their families. Adding fuel to the fire, an American entertainment industry and mass media that produces, showcases and promotes violent content as a prime profit motive will serve to spread the fear and hate to build ratings, rather than take measures to bring calm or wage peace.

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