Battlefield With Broken Tanks From World War II

Aleksey Danilov, the head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, told a forum last week that the conflict in Ukraine is not a border war with Russia, but rather the “active phase” of WWIII. 

Danilov made the comment as more evidence emerged that the long-awaited counteroffensive has failed. Of course, that will not slow Washington’s effort to weaken Russia and the State Department announced yet another $1 billion in aid—along with the first shipments of depleted artillery. 

Danilov addressed the Kyiv Security Forum on Tuesday and said the war had been in a hybrid phase for a while, but that stage has evolved. RT, the Russian news outlet, reported that Danilov was on stage with retired American Gen. David Petraeus when he made the comment.

“If somebody thinks that it [the conflict in Ukraine] is about settling the scores between Kyiv and Moscow then it’s a mistake. Things are much more complicated,” he said, according to the report.

Petraeus, who had been critical of Russia from the start of the invasion, mocked Moscow but acknowledged that the defenses had been a challenge for Ukrainian forces.

“The Russians are not particularly impressive in terms of knowledge or performance on the battlefield, but they have created a rather outstanding defense system, and it is quite difficult to punch it through.”

TRENDPOST: It is worth noting that you can become a top general in the U.S. with zero combat experience. Petraeus, a Washington Yes Man, was given bullshit awards to make it seem as though he is as brave as the men he sent out to fight.

Business Insider reported that Petraeus received a Bronze Star when a mortar shell landed near him in Iraq in 2003.

The report cited Col. Douglas MacGregor (ret.) who has been critical of Petraeus in the past and said he “never pulled a trigger and killed the enemy in combat and has never been in direct fire combat.”

Lt. Col. William J. Astore, U.S. Air Force (ret.), wrote in USNI in 2008 that an Army master sergeant once told him that he knows “soldiers who have repeatedly put themselves in harm’s way, killed many of our enemies, and are awarded only a Bronze Star. Meanwhile, officers who never leave the FOB [forward operating base], and stand more chance of getting carpal tunnel syndrome than being hit by a bullet, routinely receive the same medal.”

The former military officials who are on your favorite cable channel who give analysis on the Ukraine War have never won their own war, and yet offer their expert take on how Ukraine can defeat a peer rival to the U.S. 

Unwavering Support

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Ukraine this week to promise continued support from the U.S. as Ukraine tries to reclaim about 20 percent of the country from Russia. He has repeated that Washington will support Ukraine for “as long as it takes.”

What that means seems to be anybody’s guess. 

WSWS reported that—just in time for Blinken’s visit—a missile hit the city of Kostyantynivka and killed 17. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed the Russians. The news outlet said there “are reliable reports that the missile was fired from the West, which is entirely controlled by Ukrainian forces.”

TREND FORECAST: The Trends Journal had forecast that when the Ukraine War began in February 2022, WWIII had begun and it will become “official” when a nuclear weapon attack on a nuclear plant and/or there is a false flag event. And, rather than let Russia defeat Ukraine, the time is ripe for a false flag attack to either pull NATO countries into the fight or dramatically increase military support for the Zelensky regime. 

Last week, Romania publicly denied Ukraine’s claim that Russian drones have “fallen in Romania’s national territory.” 

Ukraine said Russian ‘Shakheds’ fell and detonated in the country—which could technically lead to Article 5 being invoked. Article 5 in the NATO charter means an attack on one ally is an attack on them all. (See “WWIII: BIDEN ORDERS 3,000 RESERVISTS TO BE READY FOR EUROPEAN DEPLOYMENT” 18 Jul 2023, “U.S. AT WAR WITH RUSSIA: UKRAINIAN MILITIAS USE AMERICAN VEHICLES IN ATTACK IN RUSSIA” 30 May 2023, “RFK JR. AGREES WITH CELENTE: U.S. PUSHED RUSSIA INTO UKRAINE WAR” 9 May 2023, “AS WE’VE WARNED: RUSSIA SAYS THREAT OF NUCLEAR EXCHANGE WITH U.S. GROWING” 25 Apr 2023 and “RUSSIA: U.S. CONDUCTING ‘TOTAL’ HYBRID WAR, PUTTING TWO NUCLEAR POWERS ON PATH TO CLASH” 14 Feb 2023.)

Blinken took to X, formerly Twitter, on Thursday to say he has spoken to Romanian officials about the debris “and our unwavering support to Romania as a NATO ally.”

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