When Joe Biden claimed “White supremacy” was “the most dangerous terrorist threat” facing Americans during his speech at Howard University’s commencement proceedings this past week, he earned widespread scorn for stirring racial division.

But Biden wasn’t just pandering. His administration, more than any previous one in the “War On Terror” era, has radicalized intelligence agencies and the DOJ against political opposition. And that’s saying something.

The latest?

Documents uncovered by America First Legal, a group that fights on behalf of Bill of Rights legal protections, show that DHS is targeting Americans based on their political and religious beliefs.

America First has made some of those documents, involving training memos by the Office of Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP), public.

One document, which dated from late January 2021, shortly after Joe Biden was sworn in as President, cited “a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game-like memo for individuals to make ‘real-life decisions’ based on ‘radicalization’ scenarios with various fictitious characters. The scenarios describe political viewpoints like opinions on abortion and expanded government.”

(Source: “America First Legal Releases New Internal DHS Documents Revealing The Government Is Funding Trainings Intended to Target Conservative Americans,” 8 May 2023.)

The fictitious characters in the scenarios all had profiles fitting those likely to be opposed to Biden’s political vision and objectives. They were cast as candidates to become “domestic terrorists,” based on views such as being pro-life, having “conspiracy views,” or being “anti-gov / authority.”

Commenting on the politicized targeting found in the DHS training documents, America First Legal Senior Counselor and Director of Investigations Reed D. Rubinstein said:

“The Department of Homeland Security’s transformation into a domestic intelligence organization and a Stasi-like Deep State internal security apparatus is alarming. It is a very long way from ‘see something, say something’ regarding an unattended suitcase at the airport to profiling patriotic and politically conservative Americans as abusive parents and domestic terrorists because they oppose abortion on demand and voted for former President Trump. The agency is out of control.”

Biden Continues to Divide

Biden’s remarks at Howard University, a Historically Black College (HBCU) were met with applause by his audience. 

He said he had made it a priority of his Presidency to “stand against the poison of White supremacy as I did in my inaugural address.” He then contended that White supremacy was “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland,” and the audience applauded.

He drew a laugh when he added, “And I’m not just saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU. I say this wherever I go.”

In fact, nationally compiled crime statistics consistently show that blacks commit proportionately more violent crimes against all other racial and ethnic groups, when compared to their percentage of population, than any other group. Whites and Asians commit the least proportion of violent crimes, relative to their percentage of population.  

Republican National Committee Research responded to Biden’s performance by posting a video on Twitter showing some of the President’s controversial history regarding supposed support for blacks.

Others on Twitter ridiculed a curiously timed “march on the Capitol” by a group calling themselves the “Patriot Front,” with many saying it looked like a laughably staged event.

A Breakdown from 2018 Interracial Crime Statistics

What are the actual statistics for violent crimes broken down by race and ethnicity in America?

It’s a story mainstream media assiduously avoids.

Diving into one of the most recent years for which data is available, shows that the actual stats don’t remotely support any contention that whites are violently preying on blacks in “hate crimes,” or any elevated level of violent crimes, relative to population percentages.

Far from it.

The following graphics and Bureau of Justice comments (bolded and italicized) come from the 2018 report.

“Based on victims’ perceptions of the offenders, the

offender-to-population ratio shows that the percentage

of violent incidents involving black offenders (22%)

was 1.8 times the percentage of black persons (12%) in

the population.” 

The info and graphic from the report shows that Blacks committed 22 percent of violent incidents, while constituting 12 percent of the population.  They committed nearly twice the proportion of violent crimes (1.8) than their percentage of population.

“In contrast, the percentage of violent

incidents involving white (50%) or Hispanic (14%)

offenders was about four-fifths (0.8 times) the percentage

of whites (62%) or Hispanics (17%) in the population”

Whites, representing 64 percent of the population, committed just 50 percent of violent crimes in America, (or 0.8 times their population).

“and the percentage involving Asian offenders (2.5%) was

about two-fifths (0.4 times) the percentage of Asians in

the population (6%). The percentage of violent incidents

involving offenders of other races (Native Hawaiians and

Other Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Alaska

Natives, and persons of two or more races) was 3.8 times

the percentage of those races in the population.

The offender-to-victim ratio shows that the percentage

of violent incidents involving black offenders (22%)

was twice the percentage of incidents committed

against black victims (11%). In contrast, the percentage

of incidents involving Asian offenders (2.5%) was

three-fifths (0.6 times) the percentage of incidents

committed against Asian victims (4%).”

“Sixty-two percent of violent incidents committed

against white victims were perceived to be committed

by white offenders, the same portion (62%) of the total

U.S. population (age 12 or older) represented by white

persons (table 15). Among black victims, the percentage

of violent incidents perceived to be committed by

black offenders (70%) was 5.8 times higher than the

representation of black persons in the population (12%).”

The statistics show that blacks are by far the largest violent offenders against blacks. Though they represent only 12 percent of the population, they commit 70 percent of crimes against blacks. 

Whites, representing 64 percent of the population, commit just 10.6 percent of violent crimes against blacks. Hispanics, at 12 percent of the population, commit 7.9 percent of violent crimes against blacks.

“The percentage of violent incidents committed against

Hispanic victims by Hispanic offenders (45%) was

2.7 times higher than the percentage of Hispanics in

the population (17%), and the percentage committed

against Asian victims by Asian offenders (24%) was

3.9 times higher than the percentage of Asians in the

population (6%).”

[Interracial Crime Statistics from the US Bureau of Justice Criminal Victimization 2018 Full Report. Source: U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics.]

The Trends Journal has extensively covered the Biden administration’s weaponization, from its earliest moments, of intelligence and other government agencies against political opponents and average Americans.

For some touchstones, see:

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