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By Bradley J. Steiner, American Combato
I have been teaching self-defense and combat arts since the mid-1960s.
I have studied violence in military, intelligence, law enforcement, and private sector contexts: how it occurs, who does it, why they do it, and what can be done about it.
I have studied the best methods of personal combat and defense – with and without weapons; how to impart these methods to students of every conceivable background; and the application of all types of skills, tactics, and weaponry to the needs of public and private persons who encounter violent attacks in every context.
In 1975, I founded a comprehensive American martial arts system – American Combato – which is now known internationally and is widely respected. In short, I am not easily shocked, surprised, or moved by encounters with or reports of violence. 
But I concede that despite a background I think may fairly be described as professional and extensive, a news story brought tears to my eyes and kindled a desire to beat and torture a sonofabitch in a wild outpouring of blind fury and rage.
An 11 August 2020 news report recounted the story of how one Darius Sessoms (age 25) calmly approached the five-year-old son of his next-door neighbor and shot him dead. This demonic act was witnessed by the tot’s sisters (seven and eight years old, respectively) and a neighbor. The neighbor apparently took the casual approach of Sessoms toward the child as an intention to play with the little fellow: Cannon Hinnant. When the monster shot the child, the witness could not believe what he had just seen.
Here, ladies and gentlemen, is an act that justifies torture. Anyone who would shoot a five-year-old for riding his bike on their lawn (the murderer’s apparent motive), belongs in Hell.
And something we all must come to grips with now, in this insane period of American history, is that a growing number of twisted, evil, deranged monsters are rearing their heads among us. God forbid, we may have to deal with one or more of these subhuman, vile life forms in the months and years ahead.
In a manual I wrote on the subject of combat handgun miscellany, I emphasized as a primary requirement not merely for the effective use of firearms in self-defense, but as absolutely necessary for the effective application of anything in self-defense, that an individual must be ready, willing, and able to take a life if necessary. This, or not bother being armed (with a weapon or with serious knowledge of unarmed self-defense) in the first place. This does not mean, and is not intended to imply that one ought to be anxious or eager to take a life; only that, in this feral world, he is PREPARED to do so, to protect and save innocent life; his own, or someone else’s.
Self-defense is serious business!
I write for the Trends Journal because I know how honest and marvelous a man Gerald Celente is. He is warning and educating readers, and I believe wholeheartedly in contributing to the preparedness of decent people everywhere to survive and to defend themselves when necessary in these extremely chaotic and dangerously unpredictable times.
The Trends Journal goes to people who aspire to live free, human lives; to enjoy health, safety, success, financial security, and happy family lives. But to do so – today – it is more critical than it has been ever before in American history that decent people be ready and able to protect themselves and their own!
Absolutely freakish monsters like the one who murdered little five-year-old Cannon Hinnant are coming out of the woodwork. The psychiatrist Robert M. Lindner, author of the book Rebel Without A Cause, wrote that the psychopath appears in large numbers during the collapse of a civilization. 
Well, if you subscribe to Trends, it will come as no surprise that we are experiencing the collapse of Western civilization right now – and this appearance of violent, dangerous, I would even say “soul-less” psychopathic wildlife in urban and even suburban America was correctly predicted by Dr. Lindner.
You need to learn how to protect yourself! You need to learn how to defend yourself with and without weapons. You should regard home and family, business and travel, and recreational security measures (which you will be learning right here in my articles) as absolutely vital. Learn these things and make use of them to safeguard yourself and your loved ones before tragedy strikes and renders preparation impossible.
If I have stirred you up, maybe even scared you a little, and made you cognizant of just how dangerous these dangerous times really are, then I have achieved my purpose. Now here’s to the safety, well-being, and prosperity of you and yours; things which – henceforth, if you have not been keen to pursue the necessary steps to master the mechanics and mental conditioning of self-defense until now – you will undertake with deadly earnestness and vigorous commitment.

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