U.S. President Joseph Biden Greets Attendees After Delivering Remarks

Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman from Russia’s Foreign Ministry, said last week that the U.S. media has conveniently ignored President Joe Biden’s mental decline. 

Zakharova noted how Biden “does not properly react to some questions or does not react at all to what he is told or asked.”

“He gets confused about the people in front of him,” she said, according to RT, the Russian news outlet. “Apparently, his consciousness does not reflect reality.”

The White House has consistently brushed aside claims that the 80-year-old president has any sort of cognitive decline and insists he is as sharp as ever. Republican commentators have had a field day with viral clips that show Biden appearing to be lost on stage or babbling during speeches.

Even before he was elected president, Biden was accused of hiding in his basement and not taking questions during live events.

Zakharova acknowledged that age is only a number for some people, and individuals who are otherwise young and fit, could be “stupid.”

But she referred to an incident in September when Biden was on stage and called out for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski, R- Ind., who died in a car crash in the previous month.

“Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie,” he said looking out into the audience. “She was going to be here.”

Biden has called himself “a gaffe machine.”

Zakharova said, “things happen to people.”

“But it is frightening when the leader of the U.S. sees a dead person in the audience,” she said.

The American media has long speculated that Russian President Vladimir Putin is also suffering from some kind of physical malady. 

The Daily Star, the British paper, citing an anonymous intelligence source at the Pentagon, reported in March 2022 that Putin was dying in “agony” of terminal cancer.

The New York Times wrote in April that the notion that “Putin is seriously ill has been a subject of lurid speculation, internet video forensics — and potential wartime propaganda, even though U.S. officials say there is no evidence the Russian leader is dying.”

TRENDPOST: Zakharova’s comment was made in the same week that Sen. Mitch McConnell, 81, froze up during a press conference in the Capitol Building, drawing new scrutiny to the age of many politicians.

McConnell’s office said it appreciates the continued support of his colleagues and the senator “plans to serve his full term in the job they overwhelmingly elected him to do.” 

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., told reporters last week that “when hell freezes over, there will be three things left: Chuck Grassley, (R-Iowa), Mitch McConnell, and cockroaches.” 

Up until last week, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., was the poster woman for aging politicians. The 90-year-old had been out of office for months due to a shingles diagnosis, and Axios noted that she appeared confused during the committee vote this week.

During roll call, Feinstein began reading a statement and was urged by Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., to “just say aye.”

Why would politicians ever give up jobs that give them so much power? They automatically get invited to the most fashionable parties and get their underachieving children cushy gigs. (See “UKRAINE’S BURISMA: HUNTER BIDEN ‘STUPID,’ BUT PAID BIDENS $10 MILLION” 25 Jul 2023, “DADDY’S BOY ALEX SOROS VISITED BIDEN WHITE HOUSE MORE THAN 20 TIMES” 11 Jul 2023, and “REVOLVING DOOR: ‘IT’S ONE BIG CLUB, AND YOU AIN’T IN IT’” 2 Aug 2022.)

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