St. Mary's Basilica in Main Square of Krakow with Rainbow

In February, Poland’s annual rate of inflation reached 18.4 percent, its highest since 1996, after ending January at 16.6 percent, the Russian news service RT reported.

The new figure also surpassed the recent peak of 17.9 percent set last October.

Economists predict that the rate has now peaked, meaning it should decline from here, RT said.

Consumers paid 27 percent more for food and non-alcoholic drinks last month, year over year. Housing costs shot up 22 percent, with fuel, heat, and water bills all higher.

The country’s economy slumped last year as inflation took hold across Europe and Poland was hit especially hard by trade disruptions due to the war in Ukraine and resulting Western sanctions on Russian exports.

TREND FORECAST: As Gerald Celente says, “When all else fails, they take you to war.” Therefore, as Poland’s economy goes down, the war rhetoric will escalate. Indeed, among all the European nations, Poland is the leader in ramping up military support, and possibly sending its own troop to fight in the Ukraine War… as we note in this issue of The Trends Journal (See “FIGHTER JETS COMING: UKRAINE ALLIES RAMPING UP THE WAR”).

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