By AmericanThinkr  

It’s all Paper Promises

And they protect their seal

A preposterous proposition

That nothing is quite real

A Pendulum President

Whose power presumes

A printed population

That perpetually consumes

Poignant provisions

Is Political Math

Inflates us all

Down the Primrose Path

Penalizing Prudence

From the patrons purse

Postulating Positions

Making the plague worse

Passing Ponzi’s Problem

No matter its Great size

Proffers a pageant parade

Prior to his Peace Prize

A panache for the pulpit

To peddle vapid hope

An ever persistent Press

Push down a precarious slope

Propaganda for Profit

When the Pied Piper’s to pay

Polarizing the People

Placate perceptions each day

Promoting the profound

Is improper to perform

A protest of the past

The new peripheral norm

Pounds of Pork avail

For the Politicians Pride

Poverty’s pinch packs a punch

Poor and penniless to provide

Proclaim the Producers

As the Party for Prey

Poach their possessions

Then plead them to stay

First they pilfer Peter

Then proverbial Paul

And make Paper Promises

To Preside over us all

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