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The Financial Times reported that German-speaking countries, like Austria, Switzerland and Germany have been slow to get their population vaccinated.

Switzerland has vaccinated 66.61 percent of its population and Germany about 69 percent. About 14 million people in Germany who are eligible to receive the vaccine have opted out, according to the report. About 80 percent of those who are not vaccinated told the University of Erfurt in a poll that they decided not to get the jab after weighing the risks. Forty-one percent called the shot unnecessary due to the survival rate for those who are healthy and under 65.

One of our Top Trends for 2021 was the “Youth Revolution.” Across Europe, many of those taking to the streets are the young who view COVID as an “old person’s disease.” Thus, they believe the rest of society should be permitted to live freely.

The Trends Journal has long stated that these COVID-19 vaccine drives by governments will lead to the formation of anti-establishment movements. The FT, citing a Forsa poll, said about half of the Germans who are unvaccinated voted for the AFD, a populist party that is opposed to EU and immigration. Austria’s Freedom party has gained momentum, and Switzerland’s Swiss People’s party is also seeing more support over its COVID stance

The Forsa survey also showed that 65 percent of the unvaccinated Germans polled said they would “definitely” not get the COVID Jab in the next two months and 23 percent said they would never get the shot.
Direct Democracy
On 28 November, Swiss voters will go to the polls to vote on the restraining Covid-19 Act. 
A group called “Friends of the Constitution” filed a referendum condemning the Covid-19 Act, saying it gave the politicians too much power and it “deprives people of their rights” and is “useless and dangerous”.
They also oppose the COVID Green Pass which is given to the vaxxed, which they claim discriminates and divides the nation while forcing vaccination and “state access to our body.”
At this time, the polls show the majority of voters support the current legislation.
TREND FORECAST: As we have forecast since the outbreak of the COVID War, anti-vax, anti-lockdown, anti-tax, anti-immigration, anti-establishment political parties will be strong forces as the “Greatest Depression” worsens. And the more nations that impose mandates and restrictions, the deeper and faster economies will decline. 

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