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News websites are trying to figure out how to attract viewers who seem to be less interested in President Biden than former President Trump.
SimilarWeb reported that web traffic at news websites has seen a drop in traffic by 20 percent since Trump left office. Axios reported there were about three times as many news stories about Trump in February of 2017 than of Biden this year.
TREND FORECAST: The mainstream media makes its money one-page view at a time, and former President Trump was a lightning rod of controversy adored by his supporters and reviled by his critics. 
Either way, many media organizations saw a dramatic bump in ratings fueled by anti-Trump anger. It is clear these companies will try to keep their audiences through any means necessary. 
In our article last week, “CNN AGAIN ADMITS SELLING COVID BOOSTS RATINGS,” we noted an article quoting a top executive talking about how COVID-19 could mean big ratings:
Jason Kilar, the CEO of WarnerMedia, CNN’s parent company, told a Telecom Conference, “It turns out that pandemic is a pretty big part of the news cycle, and that’s not going away anytime soon… If you take a look at the ratings and the performance, it’s going well. And I think it’s going well because… as it turns out that the pandemic and the way that we can help inform and contextualize the pandemic, turns out it’s really good for ratings.”
Thus, to boost ratings as they keep sagging, we forecast the Presstitutes will create new, harrowing fear and hysteria models to keep both ratings and advertising revenue up. 
The approach by networks is that news is entertainment. So, expect to see Fox News run continuous stories about Biden’s mental acuity and CNN and MSNBC attempting to create another Trump-like figure in the Republican Party. 

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