New York City’s top health official said Friday that residents in the city should consider wearing face masks when out in public due to three dangerous viruses floating around: the flu, COVID-19, and RSV. 

“While respiratory viruses are spreading at high levels in NYC, there are common-sense ways to protect yourself and your loved ones this holiday season: vaccination, boosters, wearing a mask indoors or among crowds, and staying home if you don’t feel well,” Dr. Ashwin Vasan, the commissioner, said.

His office strongly recommended wearing masks, and said the best options are “high-quality” selections, like the KN95, KF94, or N95 respirator. The New York Times noted that masks will remain voluntary, but would be enforced in facilities like nursing homes. (See “BIDEN ADMINISTRATION TO KEEP FIGHTING COVID WAR: EMERGENCY STATUS IN PLACE.”)

The paper, citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reported that the number of RSV cases appeared to have plateaued, while COVID cases jumped by 55 percent over the past two weeks. The paper said flu cases increased by 64 percent.

The health department said there were more than 11,000 confirmed flu cases on the week of Thanksgiving, which was a significant increase from the 5,500 the previous week. 

TRENDPOST: Get vaxxed, wear a mask, hide in your house, listen to “the experts,” and let them destroy your life.

The Trends Journal has long reported on how these viruses continue to spread despite miracle vaccines that are supposed to protect the public from infection. (See “ARE VACCINES REALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE,” and “PFIZER DATA RELEASE CONFIRMS VACCINE DECEPTIONS.”

These health “official pieces of shit” also sold the American public that COVID would somehow fade once enough people were infected and vaccinated.  (See “HERD IMMUNITY HERESY: LIES AND DAMN LIES,” 12 Oct 2021.)

As we learned more about masks, we found that they likely did more harm than good. (See “DYING TO WEAR A MASK? WEAR ONE, GET COVID AND DIE.” 7 Jun 2022.) 

Dr. John Conly, an infectious disease specialist, and professor at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, has irked the “approved” scientists when he said COVID-19 was not airborne. He said N95 respirators can hurt those who wear them by depriving oxygen while retaining carbon dioxide.

Dr. Raina MacIntyre, professor of global biosecurity and head of the Biosecurity Program at the Kirby Institute, in Sydney, Australia, told Medscape that N95s are effective in preventing respiratory infections but they need to be worn correctly. 

“A surgical mask and intermittent use of N95 are equally ineffective. This should not surprise anyone, given a surgical mask is not designed as respiratory protection but is designed to prevent splash or spray of liquid on the face,” she said. “Only a respirator is designed as respiratory protection through both the seal around the face and the filter of the face piece to prevent inhalation of virus-laden aerosols, but you need to wear it continually in a high-risk environment like a hospital.”

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