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It was headline news last week. Front pages in newspapers and top Breaking News on TV: COVID-19 returned home to China.

Coronavirus: Beijing spike continues with 36 new cases
Another 36 cases were also recorded on Saturday. The city had previously seen no new cases in more than 50 days. – BBC, 15 June

China Reports 28 New Coronavirus Cases in Mainland
China reported 28 new coronavirus cases in the mainland as of end-June 17, 21 of which were in the capital of Beijing, the country’s health commission said on Thursday. – Reuters, 17 June

China shuts schools and cancels flights as Beijing reports an ‘extremely grave’ surge in new coronavirus cases
China has imposed new restrictions by shutting schools and cancelling multiple flights after a surge of reported new COVID-19 cases, which has not yet been brought under control.

Beijing had reported no locally transmitted cases for 57 consecutive days until a flurry of cases emerged last week, according to the BBC.

Authorities said there were 31 new infections in Beijing by June 16, according to Reuters, taking the total number of cases in China’s capital to 137, the city’s worst total since the pandemic was initially brought under control in March. – Business Insider, 18 June


TRENDPOST: As we illustrated on our 28 January 2020 Trends Journal cover, at the onset of when the media started selling COVID Fear, we questioned why this was big news when just 106 people died in China with a population of 1.4 billion people.

From the start of the Fear and Hysteria, we questioned why: why wasn’t there mention of the fact that an estimated 1.8 million Chinese die from pollution every year, according the South China Morning Post?
Why is it major headline news of a mere 137 new cases and no virus deaths in heavily polluted Beijing, a city of 21.5 million people, which equals the grand total of 0.0006 percent?
Why are China COVID-19 cases being trumped up as a pandemic crisis when only 4,634 people, or just 0.00033 percent, of the population died from the virus this year?
Following the China episode, now the big U.S. news is the spiking cases (not spiking death rate) of COVID-19 in some U.S. cities. It should be noted
Beyond the United States, totally absent in the hysteria coverage from the New York Times and other news sources was how they disparaged Belarus when the country did not lock down or close down businesses when the virus pandemonium broke out in early March.
To date, some 355 people died in Belarus of a population of 9.5 million, or 0.00369 percent. And, as with most cases, they were reportedly elderly, obese, Type 2 diabetics, and people suffering from other chronic illnesses.
Moreover, with all the COVID hype, ignored are the facts that when compared to other viruses and flus, COVID-19 has killed far less than other outbreaks. Yet, the global economy has been locked down and destroyed.


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