Aircraft Silhouettes On Background Of Sunset With A Transparent Star of David

Israel launched another round of air strikes against civilian airports in Syria on Tuesday, killing at least one Syrian soldier at the Aleppo International Airport, leaving the facility “out of service.”

Al Jazeera, citing SANA, the Syrian news outlet, reported that the attack injured five other Syrian soldiers and two civilians. 

The report noted that this is not the first time Israel targeted this airport. In March alone, the facility was struck on two different occasions. (See “SYRIA SAYS ISRAEL LAUNCHED ATTACK ON ALEPPO AIRPORT” 7 Mar 2023, “ISRAEL KEEPS BOMBING SYRIA” 18 Apr 2023, and “ISRAEL BLAMED FOR ANOTHER ATTACK ON SYRIAN AIRPORT” 28 Mar 2023.) 

There were a number of explosions in the area of the airport and the Nayrab military airfield in Aleppo province, “which led to a fire at a munitions depot,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The war monitor said both facilities suffered “heavy material damage.”

Israel sees these civilian airports as legitimate military targets because it is believed Iran is using these airports to support fighters in the country. 

Since 2011, Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria and claims to target pro-Iranian forces in the country. Israel has said this airport has been used by Iran to arm its proxies in Syria, including Hezbollah.

Video emerged on social media that claimed to show the strikes. 

One popular Twitter user expressed her dismay on how Israel gets away with striking these civilian targets.

“While all eyes are on Ukraine, Israel is dropping bombs on Syria’s city of Aleppo right now. This is the 11th Israeli aggression against Syria in less than three months. And not a peep from the so-called ‘civilized’ Western world,” the post read.

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal has reported extensively on Israel’s war with Syria that is largely ignored by the Western media. We point out the hypocrisy because these same outlets bash Russia for its aggression in Ukraine, while Israel gets a pass. And if Israel was attacked by Syria, it would headline news and be condemned by Washington. (See “ISRAEL CONDUCTS ‘DEADLIEST’ ATTACK ON DAMASCUS AS SYRIA TRIES TO OVERCOME HISTORIC EARTHQUAKE” 21 Feb 2023.)

We’ve long noted that in the one-sided world of demonic thinking espoused by Western politicians and the Presstitutes… only Israel has the “right to defend themselves,” steal land under the name of “occupations,” launch preemptive wars to bomb Gaza and kill Palestinians, and operate as an Apartheid state as noted by Human Rights Watch.

While the Western media continually chastises Russia for its war against Ukraine and its intent to occupy Ukraine, those who note Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian and Syrian land are denounced as being “anti-Semites.”

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