Thousands took to the streets of Paris on Sunday to express outrage over soaring prices—adding new pressure to Paris after earlier strikes at oil refineries and nuclear power plants.

France 24 reported that unions have called on their members to strike on Tuesday while the country is already dealing with fuel shortages. The report noted that Paris has ordered some of these workers back to work, but they have voted to extend their strike. They are calling for higher salaries and the government takeover of these installations. 

Tuesday’s strikes are expected to impact nearly every industry in the country, ranging from trains to public sector jobs.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, the head of the France Unbowed (LFI) party who organized the protest on Sunday, said, “We’re going to have a week the likes of which we don’t see very often.” He called it a march “against the high cost of living and climate inaction.”

“Everything is coming together,” he said. “We are starting it with this march, which is an immense success.”

Authorities in Paris said they were anticipating about 30,000 people to join the protest on Sunday, but about 140,000 people ended up showing.

Reports noted that some of the protesters wore the yellow fluorescent vests that were reminiscent of the protests that broke out in the country in 2018. 

French President Emmanuel Macron survived those protests, but lost his majority in parliamentary elections in June, which leaves him in a more vulnerable position. Melenchon told protesters that Macron is “fried” and the country is descending into chaos.

One man who was holding a microphone in a small truck said, “We want to fight against government policies—they only ever take away money from the poorest,” according to

“Yes!” the crowd responded.

France Vows More Weapons for Ukraine

Sébastien Lecornu, the French defense minister, announced Monday that Paris will send Ukraine advanced Crotale air defense missile batteries and will absorb up to 2,000 Ukrainian troops that will be embedded with its own military for training. 

Lecornu told a local newspaper that the war “will last” and a “new generation of soldiers must also be trained, to last the distance.”

Besides the anti-missile system, France will provide Ukraine with a fund of $97 million for Kyiv to go on a weapon shopping spree, as long as the maker is French.

TREND FORECAST: We have been forecasting the “New World Disorder” trend for more than two years. We noted that politicians across the globe are fighting for survival against angry citizens who are taking to the streets in protest of lack of basic living standards, government corruption, crime and violence. (See “NEW WORLD DISORDER TOP TREND: NATIONS SINKING DEEPER, PEOPLE SCREAMING LOUDER.”

Also, the deeper emerging market economies sink, the greater the refugee crisis will surge as people will do all they can to escape to safe haven nations. In turn, anti-immigration populist movements will gain power in those nations that want to restrict more refugees.

Unlike in the past, the industrial and post-industrial world will have fewer resources with which to bail them out. As we have greatly detailed, as with the United States, European countries are led by political freaks willing to ruin their own economy for a chance to drain Moscow in a long war in Ukraine.

Gerald Celente has long said that we are led by mad men and mad women who, once in office, get drunk on power and lose sight of the people who got them there. A good example is Boris Johnson, the former British prime minister.

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