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Malaysia’s Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said his country will enforce a full COVID-19 lockdown due to a surge in cases. 
The country of 31 million recorded 8,000 new infections last Friday, which is an all-time high, according to the Associated Press. On Saturday, the country recorded another 9,020 new cases. The Diplomat reported that the country’s infections per million over the past week exceeded India’s rate. 
The total lockdown will span two weeks – from 1 June to 14 June. Muhyiddin announced that all non-essential business activities will be shut down. 
“With the latest rise in daily cases showing a drastically upward trend, hospital capacity across the country to treat COVID-19 patients are becoming limited,” Muhyiddin said in a statement on Friday.
TRENDPOST: As of Sunday, Malaysia, a nation of some 32,744,000 people, reported 2,650 COVID deaths over the past 17 months, or just 0.0008 percent of the population… yet the nation is in its second lockdown in over a year.  
Again, lacking any scientific data to support the lockdown laws, businesses will be closed for two weeks until 14 June… not 13 June or 19 June… as if politicians and their “health experts” know the precise dates the virus will go away.
And with Malaysia’s economy registering four straight quarters of declining GDP through March, the new round of lockdowns will destroy millions more lives and livelihoods than the virus will kill. 

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