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As much of the world is unlocked from the three-month plus lockdown, as we had forecast, the vast, often contradictory, non-science based, made-up rules and regulations that are not laws, but edicts, are further destroying the already severely damaged global economy… and driving businesses and individuals deeper in poverty and desperation.

  • In Brussels, Belgium, some areas of the city require the wearing of masks but other areas do not. It often depends on the street address. According to Bloomberg News, on the street Rue Gray, masks are required in front of numbers 1-17 only. And, if one is within 15 meters of a school, wearing a mask is ordered on Monday to Friday from 8 to 9 AM; Wednesdays from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM; and Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 3:30 to 4:30 PM.
  • In Scotland, authorities issued guidelines that include bringing your own utensils to a barbecue and if you have to walk through a house to get to the outdoor barbecue area, not to touch anything or use the bathroom.
  • In New Jersey, Governor “King Philly Boy” Murphy freed the citizens of Slavelandia from their homes last Tuesday, declaring, “We are no longer requiring you to stay at home.”
    Philly Boy permitted taxpaying serfs to have indoor activities of up to 50 people or 25 percent of a building’s usable space.
    Absent a shred of scientific fact, Governor Murphy announced he would allow up to 100 people to meet outdoors (up from 25). And if everybody were good boys and girls, the limit would be raised to 250 by 22 June, then to 500 on 3 July.

On 15 June, Murphy allowed bars and restaurants to reopen but with a number of restrictions, including outdoor-only seating, strict social distancing rules, and mandatory wearing of face masks when not seated at a table.

  • The Wall Street Journal reports that Roberto Bruno, co-owner of a pizzeria/ice cream parlor, got so fed up, he pasted over 100 pages of printed post-lockdown rules across the walls of his restaurant. He said in frustration, “My partner and I live on a diet of bread and decrees.”
    Citing just one example of the insanity of the rules, Mr. Bruno questioned why his customers are required to wear masks while standing up but can take them off when sitting down.
    Apparently, even the mayor didn’t understand his town’s rules. When some vendors selling gelato were called out by a government official for serving it in a cone instead of a paper cup, the mayor said, “I don’t know why… At this point, nothing makes sense to me anymore.”

TRENDPOST: Indeed, nothing makes sense.
 As with the “mask off” when sitting down and “mask on” when standing up, as evidenced, the same stupidity rule exists in many nations and many states in America.
The imbeciles-in-charge self-declare they have the supreme knowledge that proves when sitting and eating the virus will not go beyond the length of a knife and fork, but when standing, the virus can let loose and wildly spread, thus a mask must be worn when standing.
Adding to their stupidity, while eating and sitting outside (or inside) tables must be six feet apart because, in their mindless brains, the winds stop blowing and air stops traveling at exactly six feet… in any direction!
Not five feet eleven inches… it stops at exactly six feet.
This applies as well to the senseless social distancing rules that force people outdoors to stand six feet apart, mask or no mask.
Yet, these absurd dictates are enforced and the vast majority obediently obey, criticizing violators and ratting out offenders as happened in New York this past weekend.
Andrew “Daddy’s Boy” Cuomo, the Master of the little people of New York State, threatened to shut down areas of Manhattan and the Hamptons where people ignored his self-declared Executive Order social distancing regulations.
Alleging he received 25,000 complaints of businesses in violation of his rules, Cuomo stated, “Manhattan and the Hamptons are the leading areas in the state with violations,” and he declared – as did Governor Little Philly Murphy of New Jersey where people were also having fun – that he would revoke liquor licenses from bars where the violators were drinking.
Note: East Hampton Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc said the town received only two calls of potential violations, and, in both cases, the people were in compliance.
TREND FORECAST: There will be no economic recovery. The unprecedented list of orders and restrictions imposed upon businesses, especially in the hospitality/restaurant/travel/entertainment sectors, will destroy millions of businesses and tens of millions of lives.

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