MakerDAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization built around the DAI stablecoin, is employing AI to develop and implement a series of development initiatives, according to a new paper on its forum.

The paper, titled “The 5 Phases of Endgame,” lays out a major update strategy to the project, designed to enhance efficiency, resilience and participation.

According to the paper, it will do this by applying fine-tuned AI tools to open, scalable processes, creating a stronger governance equilibrium that enables the permissionless growth of SubDAOs and parallelized product development within its community-driven ecosystem.

The short term objective of Endgame is to grow to the largest and most widely used stablecoin project within 3 years.

The Endgame roadmap consists of 5 phases:

  1. Phase 1: Beta Launch (several months)
    1. Establish a new unified brand for the ecosystem
    2. Enable direct upgrade of Dai and MKR to their new versions, NewStable and NewGovToken
    3. Deploy large amounts of NewStable and Dai collateral to seed liquidity for NewStable on Uniswap and other major DEXes
    4. Provide rewards to platforms and protocols that integrate NewStable
  2. Phase 2: SubDAO Launch (several months after Phase 1)
    1. Launch the first SubDAOs
    2. Enable native farming of SubDAO tokens
    3. Provide rewards to SubDAOs that attract users and generate revenue
  3. Phase 3: Governance AI Tools (several months after Phase 2)
    1. Launch the Governance AI Tools system
    2. Enable NewGovToken holders to easily summarize and verify governance rules and processes, or generate new aligned governance proposals
  4. Phase 4: Governance Participation Rewards (several months after Phase 3)
    1. Enable NewGovToken holders to Lockstake in order to receive 30 percent of protocol income as NewStable rewards or SubDAO token rewards

The Endgame ecosystem will be fully decentralized and self-governing.

MakerDAO will be dissolved and its assets will be distributed to NewStable and SubDAO holders.
The paper notes that the goal of Endgame is to transform MakerDAO into a more efficient, resilient, and participatory platform, and position MakerDAO as a leading world stablecoin project.

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