Celente_speaking.jpg Celente’s presentations for major companies, organizations and conferences have left audiences cheering. With the research support of the Institute, he is able to customize his presentations to the particular and vital interests of specific organizations or companies. His preparation for keynote addresses is impeccable. His emphasis on identifying underlying trend lines not reported elsewhere is unmatched. His ability to bring his audiences inside the forecasts to provide deeper understanding and actionable projections, makes every keynote engagement unmatched for its value.

Keynote addresses are generally given three distinct areas:

A specific topic of interest to your group: Past presentations have covered a range of interests and industries from consumer goods to health and health care; from food to retailing, to entertainment; and from education to social developments, technological advances and the future of energy. Celente’s keynotes provide audiences with real-world trends they can bank on.

Think for yourself: If your conference is about innovation, this is the must-have keynote. Blending his close-combat martial- arts expertise with his masterful trend-forecasting skills, Celente shows that when you think for yourself, innovation and success are the natural by-products.

Custom keynotes: Need something customized to your specific requirements? Celente provides audiences with presentations that are informative, provocative, visionary, and insightful as well as entertaining.

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