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File this under “Stuff Our Government Doesn’t Want You to Know.”  
In yet another example of how the brainwashed American public are nothing more than serfs on the Plantation of Slavelandia, Washington announced on Friday night—when it’s too late to make that day’s news and is instead reported on Saturday… the least-followed news day of the week—that El Presidente of los Estados Unidos declared documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (22 November 1963) would not be released.
Making up any excuse they can invent that has no connection to their decision to hold back the files, the White House said that with the COVID War being fought, this is not a good time to release them.
The national archivist’s in possession of recommendation also noted that “making these decisions is a matter that requires a professional, scholarly, and orderly process; not decisions or releases made in haste.”
TRENDPOST: Although not identified beyond “the national archivist” in the CNN report, that post is occupied by David S. Ferriero, who was appointed in 2009 by Pres. Barack Obama.
It’s been 58 years since that fateful day in Dallas, but America’s government, which overthrows nations across the globe, killing millions and spending trillions to bring “freedom and democracy” to dictatorially ruled countries… believe its repressed citizens are not ready to see the Kennedy assassination documents all at once.
The Biden memo announced a first, “interim release” of documents later this year, followed by a “more comprehensive” release in late 2022.
Biden is hardly the first or only American president to preside over the leisurely, piecemeal doling out of Kennedy assassination documents to the public. 
In 1992 Pres. George H.W. Bush approved the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act, which set 26 October 2017 (25 years after the bill’s passage) as the deadline for all relevant documents to be made public, barring any further postponement based on possible harm to the nation’s defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement or foreign relations.
In 2017 and 2018 Pres. Trump cited just such grounds for extending the deadline to 2021, although he did release some 19,000 documents, many containing redactions. 
TRENDPOST: As many Americans have, ever since the assassination, harbored the nagging suspicion that there’s more to the story than has been made public, one can only speculate on what might be contained in the redacted portions, or in the still unreleased material. 
While not the first president to postpone the dissemination of JFK documents, Biden can, however, claim the distinction of being the first to blame the postponement on “the significant impact” of the COVID-19 “pandemic” (we kid you not)!
TRENDPOST: In 2017, Trends Journal‘s Gerald Celente shared the story of his 1992 meeting with former Texas governor and Treasury secretary John Connally, who had been seriously wounded while seated in front of JFK that day in Dallas: “THE JFK FILES: WHAT GOV. CONNALLY TOLD CELENTE THAT EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD KNOW” (24 Oct 2017).

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