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Mario Draghi, the new Prime Minister of Italy, announced on Friday that major cities, including Rome and Milan, will be locked down and schools, shops, and restaurants will again be closed in its fight to win the COVID War.
To “celebrate” Easter, Draghi declared the entire country will be considered a “red zone” over the holiday weekend, and it will be placed on complete lockdown. Draghi said he is aware of the consequences these orders will have on the public but said they are needed due to the uncertainty with the virus:
“More than a year after the start of the health emergency, we are unfortunately facing a new wave of infections… The memory of what happened last spring is vivid, and we will do everything to prevent it from happening again.”
The Prime Minister told the Italians he is “aware that today’s measures will have consequences on children’s education, on the economy, and also on the psychological state of us all.”
TREND FORECAST: Indeed, Italy’s economy and its people are being destroyed economically and psychologically. The first western nation to lockdown last year after the virus hit China, its economy was down 8.8 percent last year. Millions of lives and livelihoods are being devastated by the lockdowns. 
Absent in all the media coverage is that Italy’s prior lockdown, imposed by its former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, was a failure… as are all lockdowns. We have reported on this extensively in the Trends Journal. (See our 5 January article, “COVID-19 LOCKDOWNS: COMPLETE POLICY FAILURES” on the failure of lockdowns to lower virus rates.) 
Yet, the politicians continue to do as they please with very little public resistance.
Also unreported is how America’s once-exalted COVID War hero, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, declared back in May that it was “shocking most new coronavirus hospitalizations are people who had been staying home”… yet, he imposed strict lockdown orders on the state. 

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