Congressman Thomas Massie recently tried to throw up a roadblock against impending regulations that will place “kill switches” into automobiles.

His measure failed last week.

Massie had pointed out that the technology represents a new level of Orwellian control and surveillance being insinuated into everyday life via products citizens depend on for work and living.

The “kill switch” mandate was passed as part of the Biden administration’s massive 2021 infrastructure legislation.

Massie said on X concerning an amendment he put forward that would stop the “kill switch” implementation:

“If it passes, my ‘kill switch’ amendment will defund the looming mandate that all new vehicles sold after 2026 be equipped with technology that can automatically disable vehicles.”

Many on the thread thanked Massie for being one of the few voices standing against yet another freedom crushing regulation of a power-and-control obsessed government.

As one commenter, attorney Aleks Djuricic, noted:

“Any law that requires technology to automatically disable vehicles is fundamentally un-American and unconstitutional.”

But the surveillance and control by tech proxy, via gadgets, appliances, smartphones and AI powered listening devices, are all now routine in our daily lives.

There are smart meters for reporting—and potentially throttling—energy use. We have smart refrigerators that know what we consume, smart TVs that know what we watch—and listen to and even watch us.

As a listing from Amazon shows, this Christmas season, smart watches, smart headphones, smart audio speakers, smart bike helmets, smart lights, smart security systems, smart video calling, smart car dash cams and smart tvs, all with Amazon’s “Alexa” AI built in, are all being marketed for sale.

All of which purport to make our lives easier, and even be at our beck and call to perform tasks, but which seem more and more like our keepers, is not an end point.

It’s a step toward a more naked form of control that’s already being planned and developed.

Increasingly, technocrats see humans as just another technology that can—and should—be directly designed to attain [or meet] given objectives.

From Our Things, To Ourselves

Surveillance by tech proxy is already alarmingly embedded into our everyday lives.

It’s been accomplished via monitoring of our communications over the internet, cell phones, bluetooth, WiFi and 5G, by corporations providing services, and their ties and embeds from government.

The way the embedding has worked has been conclusively exposed now, via the Twitter Files and the Missouri vs. Biden court case. More recently, even more government coordination with education and media institutions to suppress citizen free speech and political rights during the 2020 election cycle was detailed by (“How the Federal-Private Speech Police Operated in Election 2020: With Radar Highly Attuned to the Right,” 6 Nov 2023.)

But even before all this, Edward Snowden pulled the covers off corrupt, unconstitutional government domestic surveillance of citizens under “War On Terror” excuses, in 2013.

Snowden, working as a contractor for U.S. intelligence, brought evidence to light of how authorities were capturing backbone internet communications, and drilling down to individuals without warrant or probable cause.

Snowden has been an exile and wanted “criminal” sought by American authorities ever since.

But he and Julian Assange exposed the true criminals and usurpers of our nation’s highest laws.

As citizens accepted the hounding and manhunts of Snowden, Assange and others, the government has since taken further license. 

During the COVID War, we learned the government was sifting our text messages, for verboten COVID “misinformation.”

The web of intrusive control took a monumental step with Government pressuring for the imposition of mRNA technology into our bodies, in the guise of an “emergency vaccine” to keep us all “safe.”

As The Trends Journal pointed out far earlier than most media, pharmaceutical manufacturer Moderna itself described their technology as an “operating system” for humans, delivering the “software of life,” complete with frequent updates. (“HUMANS SUBJECT TO mRNA ‘SOFTWARE UPDATES’,” 30 Mar 2021.)

As Europe now faces concrete timetables for the introduction of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and Digital Identities, it’s important to understand that all these technologies will continue to move from our things, to ourselves.

This is the goal of technocrats. It’s why embedding digital identities and “payment processing” into our bodies is where CBDCs and digital identities will head next, if they are tolerated. 

And likewise, a government-corporate technocracy concerned with preserving and extending its power and profit will not be content with imperfect monitoring of citizens from without.

They want control from within. When considering the “ease” and awesome augmentation possibilities of things like BCIs (Brain Computer Interfaces) and HGE (Heritable Gene Editing), average humans had better understand what’s really at stake.

These technologies may be sold as empowering. In a dynamic of erosion of fundamental human rights via existential crises—everything from wars with insidious enemies, to pandemics, to climate change—they will just as likely be pressured on the unwilling as a way to keep society “safe.” See, for example, “GLYPHOSATE AND GENE-EDITED POPLARS (AND MAYBE PEOPLE) GOOD FOR THE EARTH, SAY CLIMATE ACTIVISTS,” (25 Jul 2023).

But they are tools of enslavement that will make current and traditional disparities of wealth and power between elites and the average bulk of humanity seem like nirvana in comparison.

The seduction of allowing ourselves to be bedazzled by technology, into melding with it, is a Faustian bargain.

In the end, we will be seen as the “technology,” subject to modification, “improvement” and outmoding. 

And what remains of our humanness will count for nothing at all.

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