Sudanese Protesters In London

African-Americans’ lives may matter, but nobody cares about African lives. 

The United Nations warned last week that millions of people in the Sudan region of Africa are on the verge of starvation as fighting continues in the country between Khartoum’s army and its paramilitary Rapid Response Forces.

“For four gruesome months, the people of Sudan have been engulfed in a war that is destroying their lives and their homeland and violating their basic human rights,” the UN said in a statement obtained by the Financial Times. “Time is running out for farmers to plant the crops that will feed them and their neighbors. Medical supplies are scarce. The situation is spiraling out of control.”

The paper noted that six million people in the country are one step away from famine and about 20 million people there face food insecurity.

The BBC reported that there is no evidence that the violent clashes in the capital are slowing, and battles between the army and the paramilitary “rage daily on the streets of Khartoum and the two other cities—Bahri and Omdurman—that make up the greater capital.”

The British outlet said there is a proliferation of AK-47s on the black market in the country sparked by individuals intent on protecting their families if the war turns into an ethnic battle. Many of these weapons once belonged to troops who died in the conflict.

The report said pistols are also being sold on the cheap because there is no need for a license any longer. 

The conflict broke out in April after the rivalry between General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of the military, and Mohammedi “Hemedti” Hamdan Dagalo, the head of the paramilitary, spun out of control. (See “SUDAN’S BRUTAL WAR DISPLACES OVER 4 MILLION, BUT WHO CARES? THEY AREN’T UKRAINIAN” 15 Aug 2023.)

These two were once partners in the October 2021 coup in the country, but their relationship soured over the past few years. 

The war is expanding and now threatens individuals trying to flee the capital in North Darfur and Al-Fula. The situation in Darfur is concerning because there are at least 600,000 refugees there who have been trying to escape the carnage.

About 4,000 people are believed to have died, according to conservative estimates. The fighting has not spared humanitarian workers in the country. Three workers for the World Food Program were killed in North Darfur, Al Jazeera reported. The report said 19 Sudanese humanitarian workers have died since the start of the war.

TRENDPOST: Readers of this magazine know how we feel about the lack of coverage the Sudan war and subsequent humanitarian crisis receives in the mainstream media focused on more important people…like Ukrainians. 

Indeed, we devoted last week’s cover to the problem, with the title, “UKRAINE WAR BIG DEAL! WARS IN AFRICA WHO CARES?” 

The U.S. announced that it will extend its temporary protected status for Ukraine and Sudan nationals through the spring of 2025.

But the devastation will continue. 

CNN reported that the paramilitary hunted down non-Arab refugees in the West Darfur capital of El Geneina on 15 June and committed a gruesome massacre. Hundreds were killed as they ran for their lives, the report said.

“When we arrived at Shukri, they captured us,” one witness told CNN. “They told us to run away. They shot and killed the 8-year-old boy. He was trying to run away, and they shot him in the head.”

“June 15 was one of the worst days in all of Darfur’s history,” he said.

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