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by Gregory Mannarino
Look around. We are caught up in a world spiraling out of control. To the mainstream media, it’s all very simple: COVID-19 is the root cause for a global economic free-fall and market collapse.
From my perspective, nothing could be further from the truth. When the mainstream media is telling you to “look here,” you need to start looking in the opposite direction. Just as they join together to take us to war, the mainstream media, in its entirety, is nothing more than a distraction mechanism that is fed a script to push a current agenda at a specific time.
As a subscriber to the Trends Journal, you well know by the facts and hard data that the global economy was heading toward collapse far before COVID-19 was introduced to the world.
Now, COVID-19 is being used as a scapegoat to ensure the economy’s collapse, disbursed at a time when the U.S. stock market hit a maximum bubble.
How do we know the stock market was at MAX BUBBLE?
On the Friday before the stock market meltdown began, the crash commencing the following Monday, I made a public statement informing my following that “I have closed ALL my core positions in stocks”… it was clear – a MAX BUBBLE in the stock market had occurred.
Never in the history of finance have global equity markets become more distorted and disconnected from reality than right now. Never before was there a stock market bubble larger than the one we have today.
Currently, not a single asset has a real price discovery mechanism behind it; to understand why is simple: the artificial suppression of rates by the Federal Reserve in direct collusion with “the Government,” the Fed IS the “Ghost Government,” directly responsible for inflating a mega-stock market bubble.
Every asset derives value from what is occurring in the debt market, so what that means is this: if, in fact, rates are being artificially suppressed, as they have been since 2008, how can any other asset possibly have a true price discovery mechanism driving it?
If we know the single job of all real markets is to determine fair value, and the debt market is being rigged to the highest order by the Ghost Government, not a single asset possibly can be fairly valued. Consider this. Because every asset derives value from what is occurring in the debt market, assets, like stocks and real estate, therefore become derivatives of the debt market.
Going For The Gold… and Silver
The ineptitude of world leaders OR their direct collusion with the Federal Reserve Ghost Government (you decide which is worse) has caused malinvestment across the entire spectrum of asset classes.
In this multi-bubble environment, assets such as physical gold and physical silver have ended up in massive inverse bubbles, meaning they are incredibly undervalued. To me, physical silver is the most undervalued asset on the planet today.
By their money pumping tens of trillions of dollars into repo markets, etc., the Fed Ghost Government deliberately has created the malinvestment madness, fostering immense distortions in the equity markets. They are serial bubble blowers, and this is done by design to foster enormous wealth transfers when stock markets fall, from the masses right up to the one-percenters.
What most people do not realize is when the value of their 401K drops, the value lost does not go to money heaven – it is simply transferred from their reality to someone else’s, who benefits from their loss.
COVID-19 is the chosen scapegoat for the world economic meltdown and market collapse. But, in truth regarding the global economies and markets… that is all COVID-19 is: a scapegoat.
Yet, not according to mainstream business media Presstitutes. Oh no, it cannot possibly be the lies and falsehoods pushed upon the peoples of the world by their respective leaders! So, it must be the virus.

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