Gingerbreads Candies And Nuts Displayed On A Christmas Market Stall

Thomas Rabe, the head of RTL Group, Germany’s largest private broadcaster, has clashed with the government over its move to strictly limit junk-food advertising during programming that usually attracts a lot of children viewers. 

Rabe is opposed to the plan and has said the move will only further hurt the country’s broadcasting industry that he said is already “the weakest among the bigger advertising markets in Europe.”

He called the plan “overdone” and “ideological,” stating that there is no proper scientific basis for banning advertising, hoping that this will have an impact on the health of people and young people in particular,” according to the Financial Times

Earlier this year, Cem Özdemir, Germany’s agriculture minister from the Greens, called on the country to move to protect children from these commercials that can influence unhealthy dietary habits. 

About half of the population in Germany is considered overweight—including 15 percent of the country’s children, The Guardian reported. 

He has called for a specific time for these commercials to run—from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. 

He doesn’t stop there. He does not want billboards near schools or inside children’s magazines. The FT noted that Özdemir has received support from health associations across Germany. 

TRENDPOST: Turn on Fox News, CNN, or any of your favorite propaganda machine, and you’ll likely see ads for Burger King and some pharmaceutical product to treat the millions of Americans who have been diagnosed with chronic diseases—which have been tied to obesity. (See “CANCER RATES SOARING AMONG THE YOUNG, OBESITY IS THE 800-POUND GORILLA IN THE ROOM” 11 Jul 2023, “OPERATION WARP SPEED: OBESITY ADDITION” 27 Jun 2023, “BLIMPITIS: AMERICANS ARE STRESSED OUT AND GETTING FATTER” 11 Jul 2023, and “AS FORECAST, COVID LOCKDOWNS LEFT KIDS FAT AND DUMB” 27 Jun 2023.)

The American Psychological Association says,

“most children under age 6 cannot distinguish between programming and advertising and children under age 8 do not understand the persuasive intent of advertising. Advertising directed at children this young is by its very nature exploitative. Children have a remarkable ability to recall content from the ads to which they have been exposed. Product preference has been shown to occur with as little as a single commercial exposure and to strengthen with repeated exposures. Product preferences affect children’s product purchase requests and these requests influence parents’ purchasing decisions.”

These media companies who told you to take the COVID-19 jab and sold the fear about COVID-19 don’t care about your health. They care about profits, no matter where they come from. This is also why no media company calls for peace in Ukraine… Keep those profits coming!

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