Gerald Celente’s “Find Your Future In Trends”

What: Spring conference
When: June 10–16, 2017
Where: Galway, Ireland
Global forecaster Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute invite you to “Find Your Future In Trends,” a weeklong conference in magnificent Galway, Ireland, set along a majestic coastline along Galway Bay.

This dynamic, inspiring conference will explore a series of powerful trends unfolding worldwide and how they directly affect your quality of life, bottom line and individuality during an era of dramatic social, economic and technological change that is just dawning.

“Find Your Future In Trends” is the first in the institute’s widely popular conference series to be held in Ireland. With a backdrop of the transcendent Aran Islands, Celente, institute analysts and special invited guests will conduct lectures, workshops and group discussions designed to explore how the institute’s Top Trends for 2017 are impacting you.

This dynamic conference is designed to not only inform and empower participants to understand how global trends affect them, but to provide ample time to explore and enjoy the vast historic, natural and cultural riches of County Galway, Ireland.
Blending trend-forecasting sessions with distinctly Irish hospitality and tradition, attendees will be both enriched and fascinated by what they see, hear, learn and experience.

What You’ll Learn

For nearly 40 years, forecaster Celente and his Trends Research Institute have established and sustained a remarkable track record accurately forecasting powerful, game-changing trends in economics, geopolitics, health, education, technology, aging, pop culture and more.

The driving force behind these successes has been the institute’s Globalnomic® methodology, developed by Celente, to identify, track, forecast and analyze trends. This technique, which analyzes global trends and critical news events through a fact-based, unbiased lens, demonstrates how trends taking shape across the globe are interconnected.

In developing the Top Trends for 2017, that global-interconnectivity principle has never been more pronounced, meaningful and relevant. From the populist waves evolving worldwide that have yet to coalesce into a focused movement, to the coming technological tsunami about to forever wipe away millions of jobs, to new opportunities emerging for on-trend entrepreneurs, to the ever-banging war drums, the essential trends that will define 2017 are truly Globalnomic®.

And, as Celente will demonstrate, we are in the midst of year of historic change on numerous fronts. The evidence is clear. The world is ready for change, ready to Make It New, a Top Trend for 2017.

Populist movements are one — but only one — byproduct of this trend. The foundation has been set for revolution. It’ll come not only in the reformist, protest sense, but in the creation of new art, technology, social awareness and cultural movements that embrace the need for new.

Those that understand the depth and scope of this trend, and fulfill the needs of a society in search of deeper meaning and fuller representation, will reap the rewards.

And that’s what this conference is about.

“Find Your Future In Trends” will focus heavily on new global economic opportunities and challenges; emerging trends for entrepreneurs; the far-reaching effects new technologies will have on your work, community and family life; emerging trends in education that can directly impact career decisions; health and well-being trends; how investment opportunities across a multitude of industries will evolve; and much, much more.

Throughout the weeklong conference, participants will have ample time to interact with Celente, known worldwide as a pioneer trend strategist who founded the Trends Research Institute in 1980. He is the author of the national bestseller Trends 2000; Trend Tracking: Far Better than Megatrends (Warner Books); What Zizi Gave Honeyboy; and publisher of the internationally distributed quarterly Trends Journal and

For more than three decades, Celente has built his reputation as a fearless teller of the truth, an accurate forecaster and an analyst whose expertise crosses many arenas, from economics to politics, from health to science, and more.

Most important, Celente is a pure political atheist.

Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente — whose motto is “think for yourself” — observes and analyzes how current events are forming future trends, seeing them for what they are, not as what he’d like them to be.

The institute’s conference series at its headquarters in Colonial Kingston, New York, has drawn participants from all over the world. And a big part of that lure has been the opportunity to engage Celente and his analysts, both in formal sessions and informally.

The Ireland conference provides the ideal setting to engage, learn and leave inspired and motivated.

Ireland abounds with natural beauty, vibrant culture and history, and a mystic found nowhere else in the world.

What better place to see History Before It Happens® than this magical setting.
The Trends Research Institute’s “Find Your Future In Trends” conference in County Galway, Ireland, takes place within the island’s stunning scenery, where mythology and legend come alive as you explore the future with the world’s leading trend forecaster, Gerald Celente.

Overlooking Galway Bay, the lovely Connemara Coast Hotel is magnificently set along a rugged coastline edged with golden beaches. Located just six miles west of Galway City, our seminar site offers old-fashioned Irish hospitality; excellent cuisine that features the best of local seafood; a modern, fully equipped health club and spa; indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis; and a large indoor swimming pool.

Against a backdrop of the magical Aran Islands, with many rooms affording a view of Galway Bay, the Connemara Coast Hotel provides a scenic and ideal setting for our program.

Meals will be wonderful times to get to know one another and interact with presenters. Every day will begin with a hearty, full Irish breakfast, complemented by a wide selection of fresh fruit, local Irish cheeses and fresh breads. What a treat is in store with gourmet meals and outstanding Irish service at the elegant Connemara Coast Hotel.

Our breaks will feature fresh brewed coffee, traditional Irish and herbal teas and freshly baked scones. We will lunch together at the Connemara Coast Hotel, where we also will enjoy festive gourmet opening and closing dinners.

Optional Tuesday Outing to the Aran Islands

Enjoy a full day’s outing to the Aran Islands — still largely Gaelic-speaking and among the most beautiful islands in Ireland. The outing will include travel by coach and ferry from Galway, a walk to Dun Aengus and tour of the island. For more details, call 845-256-0194.   TJ

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