The Pentagon vastly undercounted the number of military personnel at bases who were exposed to drinking water that was contaminated with “forever chemicals,” an environmental group said, after analyzing a Defense Department report that was released in April.

The earlier report said about 175,000 service members and their families were exposed to these chemicals while living on 24 bases. The Environmental Working Group said the actual number is more like 640,000 people who were living on 116 military bases around the world.

“The number of service members served contaminated water may be even greater than EWG’s estimate, which relies on a review of publicly reported water system tests and DOD records,” the group said in a news release obtained by Stars & Stripes.

The report said much of the contamination came from firefighting foam that can contaminate water supplies.

Jared Hayes, author of the EWG report and a policy analyst for the group, said neither estimate—EWG’s 640,000 people or the DOD’s 175,000—“reflects the true number of service members that were exposed to PFAS at these bases over the 50-year period when [Aqueous Film Forming Foam], the firefighting foam made with PFAS, was in use.”

A Pentagon spokesman told Stars & Stripes that the Defense Department “has prioritized and addressed all known drinking water exposures over the EPA 2016 health advisories on our installations and in the surrounding communities in which we serve.”

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal has reported extensively on so-called “forever chemicals” and their risk to the public’s health. (See “WORRIED ABOUT COVID: ‘FOREVER CHEMICALS’ STILL BEING PRODUCED BY MANUFACTURERS,” “DUPONT SUED OVER ‘FOREVER CHEMICALS” and “FOREVER CHEMICALS,’ FOREVER DEADLY.”)

Nearly all Americans are exposed to PFAS. They can be found in the air or drinking water and the chemicals stay in the bloodstream for a lifetime. The chemicals are not regulated so municipalities are not required to test for them in their systems. Scott Faber, the senior vice president of the Environmental Working Group, said there are nearly 2,000 public water supplies in the U.S. that have some level of PFOS and PFOA.

We reported in 2020 that besides the chemicals, pesticides, and industrial poisons pumped and sprayed into the earth, water, air, and food, the Defense Department has cited 401 bases in the U.S. that release the firefighting foam-containing chemical perfluoroalkyls (PFAS), toxic chemicals that are in drinking water, in cities and suburbs across America… including some of the country’s largest metropolitan areas.

For well over two years, the mainstream media massively scared the hell out of the world’s population with its COVID War and the non-scientific risk factors.

Yet, there is little mention of extremely deadly PFAS levels in commonly used products as well as the deadly chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and other deadly poisons massively injected into the air, earth, water, and what we eat and drink.  

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