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The FBI and DOJ, fresh on the heels of their “Lego” investigation, are drawing a new round of lampooning for a tweet asking Americans to turn in relatives for “homegrown violent extremism”.
A tweet was put out by the FBI over the weekend, together with a strange graphic:
Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism. Visit https://go.usa.gov/x6mjf to learn how to spot suspicious behaviors and report them to the #FBI. #NatSec

What the graphic is supposed to represent is anyone’s guess. Last week the FBI made another bizarre move, seized a “fully constructed” LEGO Capitol Building set of a supposed January 6 protest conspirator, claiming the set may have used somehow in planning insurrection. The claim was later retracted, with authorities admitting the set was still unconstructed, in the box. Though now retired, the company’s toy construction set can be easily found on Ebay.
The FBI’s “snitch tweet” appears to be another step in intimidating Americans who believe things like: 

  • The 2020 election was rife with widespread irregularities, indications of illegal law changes, judicial interventions, fraudulent activities and big tech and media manipulation and collusion on behalf of Joe Biden
  • The FBI was knowingly complicit at the highest levels, and helped perpetuate a fake “Russian Collusion” narrative that hobbled the Trump presidency
  • The government at the Federal, state and local levels have abused their powers, ginning up a COVID WAR and unconstitutionally cracking down on popular dissent in 2020 against lockdowns and other measures, while allowing violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests and communications
  • Government authorities including COVID czar Anthony Fauci have actively covered up the nature of the U.S. and China involvement in controversial gain-of-function research that may well have created the COVID-19 virus; Fauci, for example, appointed someone with a direct conflict of interest in an official inquiry into the origins of the virus
  • The FBI, other U.S. intelligence agencies, and even the Post Office via its ICOP surveillance and reporting program, have been thoroughly corrupted, and are now nakedly intimidating and even criminalizing Americans for exercising their political freedoms and free speech rights

Despite the FBI’s latest gambit, American frustration with a pandemic of lying and deceit of authorities, is only growing. On Sunday, former President Donald Trump gave an incendiary CPAC speech doubling down on contentions that the 2020 election was fatally illegitimate. 
Trump mentioned a scathing series of viral tweets by Darryl Cooper, a co-host of “The Unraveling Podcast”, breaking down why so many Americans believe authorities are engaged in a wholesale subversion of the country.
Twitter users had some scathing and funny reactions to the FBI’s hyperbolic, Orwellian tweet. A sample screencap is provided below:

FBI may pay as much as 25 Million for January 6 “Evidence” Database  
Also reported this past week was that the FBI is sparing no expense to create a database to aid with prosecutions of the mostly petty crimes. Prosecutors stated in a court filing this week that Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, LLP was hired in late May to help construct the database, and that the government has begun transmitting a huge volume of data, including tens of thousands of documents from the US Capitol Police.
“Following the Capitol Breach, the US recognized that, due to the nature and volume of materials being collected, the government would require the use of an outside contractor who could provide litigation technology support services, including highly technical and specialized data and document processing and review capabilities,” prosecutors wrote in the filing.
Video from January 6th shows that the vast majority of those who entered the Capitol that day did so after Capitol Police literally stepped aside, and asked only that protestors remain orderly.
In contrast, the FBI has comparatively ignored attacks and serious political mayhem and political violence, intimidation and obstruction that Democrats committed in 2020 and 2018:

  • An assault on the White House by leftist protesters in June of 2020, which resulted in over 40 police injuries and the burning of a church
  • Riots in over 100 American cities which saw Federal buildings and police headquarters burned, businesses looted, many dozens of persons injured and killed, and billions worth of property damage; Democrats notably including Kamala Harris openly called for the intimidation and violence to continue
  • Attempted assaults and physical intimidation of Republican politicians including Rand Paul and others, while attending and exiting the Reblican Convention in 2020.
  • The occupation of the Hart Federal Senate Office building by leftist protesters in October 2018, who confronted and attempted to intimidate and disrupt the nomination process of then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh (YouTube video still available here)

Democrats have a long history of “occupying” and disrupting political chambers, businesses, university offices and other spaces during protests. In 2011, for example, leftist activists swarmed and occupied the Wisconsin State House for ten days to obstruct the state government from passing a bill advocated by then Governor Scott Walker.  

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