Expect hypocrisy from Democrats?

The ease in which political leaders can take the country to war and then argue along party lines — only about what degrees of death and destruction should be inflicted — is a longstanding trend line of the Trends Research Institute.

In the fall Trends Journal, we wrote:
“What has been conspicuously absent from the march to war championed by politicians, retired generals, military strategists, intelligence officials and know-nothing media elites is in-depth discussion of how the slaughter of millions of innocent civilians and the destruction of their nations by the United States and its coalition of the willing have created the conditions for the madness and hatred that now prevails. Despite the lives lost and the trillions of dollars already wasted, the debate in America is not about the wisdom of starting yet another war doomed to failure, but about whether the killing fields are wide enough and the killing power adequate.”

Add to that the usual suspects rallying against war from the far left. They were either absent entirely or absent the fire and guts they spat out when George Bush’s administration was mindlessly planting the seeds for a generation or more of war.

But now that the GOP has a tidal-wave election behind it and enough control to hawk war, will sleeping liberals awaken to rail against any escalations in Iraq, Syria, Libya and beyond?

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