By Gregory Mannarino TradersChoice.net
As I sit here writing this article the U.S. stock market maintains its record run higher as the easy money continues to pour into it courtesy of the central bank. The Federal Reserve, which is the sole driving force behind the stock market’s record run, is not only buying record amounts of treasuries and mortgage-backed securities—but they are also buying stocks as well.
Moreover, the Federal Reserve is involved in an even bigger scheme, MUCH BIGGER.
The Federal Reserve is funneling U.S. dollars to other central banks around the world who are in turn buying assets WITH DOLLARS.
The Federal Reserve is engaged in a mechanism which is effectively “dollarizing the world” in what is turning out to be a very successful attempt at creating runaway inflation. 
But what is this really about? It’s about CONTROL.
Today here in America there is no free market, instead what we do have is a completely managed market being governed by a central bank, much like you would see in any communist nation.
The stock market today has no real price discovery mechanism behind it whatsoever, and things which should matter to the market like valuations, forward guidance, and price to earnings ratios have now become irrelevant.
This managed market mechanism has also stripped any resemblance of a free market economy right out from under the citizenry. Moreover, the Federal Reserve’s scheme of “dollarization” is deliberately rearing its ugly head in the form of runaway inflation . . . AND NONE OF THIS IS BY ACCIDENT.
The current environment is being deliberately engineered to occur, so to allow for more control—and much more control is coming.
The goal of ANY government IS NOT to benefit the people, but to benefit itself. 
What is occurring here in America is by no means an accident, it is an intentional attempt to create legions of people who are slaves to the system, and therefore dependent on the government for their survival.
The end result—MORE CONTROL.
Moving forward you can expect even more dramatic steps to be taken to exert more control on the populace. The frightening thing is this; more people will not only accept being controlled but will call for even more control. 
FREE thought, FREE action, and FREE movement are quickly disappearing and are being replaced by radical conformity and forced submission. Any discussion which does not fit into the mainstream propaganda narrative is met with fierce opposition and even censorship.
“Organized Slavery” to the current slave system is not only running rampant, but it is being done so purposely. A major component of all this is the deliberate environment of rising inflation and the prospect of another kind of control—PRICE CONTROLS.
Price controls would fit very nicely into the current slave agenda, and therefore make more people dependent on “the government.”
Moving forward you should “expect the unexpected.”

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