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Officials in Connecticut announced last week that the state would lift capacity limits in restaurants and retail shops, while other establishments like barber shops can begin operating at full capacity.
The state’s governor made it clear the state would still enforce a mask mandate.
“This is not Texas,” said Governor Ned Lamont, according to the paper. “This is not Mississippi. We are maintaining the masks.” 
Lamont said masks have proven to be effective in slowing the spread of the coronavirus:
“We wanted to emphasize that which works and that which is enforceable… And we know what works is the mask, and we know what works is social distancing, and we know the curfew is something we can enforce.”
The report pointed out that some mandates will linger, including positioning tables six feet apart and limiting the number at a table to eight. Bars that do not serve food will be forced to stay closed, the report said. The new guidelines take effect on 19 March.
Besides restaurants, outdoor sporting venues will be able to operate at up to 50-percent capacity, according to the Hartford Courant. Indoor sporting events will be capped at 10 percent.
The paper also said travelers who visit the state will no longer be required to quarantine, but it will be recommended.
TRENDPOST: We note this article to emphasize both the ignorance and arrogance of Executive Order dictators who do as they wish and are either too ignorant to understand the scientific data or too arrogant to support it. For example, Governor Lamont said, “… we know what works is the mask, and we know what works is social distancing.”
As the data proves, he is wrong on both counts. This issue, as with numerous other Trends Journals, cites numerous articles we have written about proving the ineffectiveness of mask wearing.
And, we have reported that the social distancing of six feet is a made-up number that is as ineffective as mask wearing. MIT’s Fluid Dynamics of Disease Transmission Laboratory found sneezing and coughing exhalations cause gaseous clouds that can travel up to 27 feet… not six feet!
Yet, the Presstitutes give their “Honorable” politicians a free ride on the constant train of lies they have used to destroy hundreds of millions of lives and livelihoods, as they declare themselves heroes in fighting the COVID War. 

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