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Top federal health agencies in the U.S. and science groups are coming together to make sure Americans no longer think for themselves when it comes to their medical choices and are putting plans in place to stop the spread of online and social media “misinformation.”

Reed Tuckson, the leader of the coalition, told the Financial Times that addressing this “infodemic is fundamental to the values of the coalition’s members.”

“Together we can and will make a positive impact on the health of individuals and the nation,” he said.

The paper said the initiative is called the Coalition for Trust in Health and Science. One of the top moves would hinge on social media censorship to “counter false claims and dangerous rumors.”

TRENDPOST: The move by the U.S. government and science officials to crack down on misinformation requires that they first look into a mirror, because their combined handling of the COVID-19 outbreak has been catastrophic vis-à-vis public trust “in the science.”

The new coalition issued a press release that said the COVID outbreak exposed the world’s vulnerability to medical falsehoods that led to fewer Americans taking the jab. The FT noted that the Commonwealth Fund, claimed vaccine efforts were hampered by the spread of this online misinformation, but still managed to prevent 18 million hospitalizations and three million additional deaths. (If you believe that one, we have a bridge to sell you.) 

Unfortunately for the public, essentially every recommendation that was initially “based on science,” proved to be wrong or greatly exaggerated, which we have documented in great detail through the COVID years. (See “THEY’RE STILL SAYING YOU NEED THE SHOT EVEN IF YOU ALREADY GOT COVID—MORE LIES OF ‘SCIENCE’” 21 Feb 2023.)

We have been warned that the government sold COVID-19 fear to maintain its grip on society, and inflated the number of hospitalizations to justify draconian lockdowns that killed small businesses and led to a jump in mental illness across the U.S. The pimps in the media, desperate to maintain ratings after Donald Trump’s departure from office, saw a ratings bonanza and sold the fear. (See “CNN ADMITS PROMOTING COVID WAR: ‘IT’S REALLY GOOD FOR RATINGS’.”)

The “misinformation” that they’re likely referring to were presented to the public by trained medical doctors, who were promptly ignored by mainstream media Pressititues who rely on Big Pharma ad buys to stay solvent.

In April 2021, we reported how an Irish coroner for County Mayo challenged the accuracy of COVID death reporting by the country’s National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET).

He specifically questioned COVID as the cause of death in many cases where the patients were already critically ill.

“When a person is suffering from a number of medical conditions which will or may lead to their death at some short time in the future, if they are unlucky enough to be infected by the COVID virus then at death if they prove to be COVID positive in a test, it is that which is recorded as the principal cause of death—even though that person may have been terminally ill with a short life-expectancy prior to such testing,” he said.

Another Irish coroner, Dr. Denis Cusack of Kildare County, also challenged the government’s death total for COVID-19 at the time.

He said 99 percent of the deaths reported in his county were of individuals who had significant underlying health problems. Out of 230 deaths attributed to COVID-19, “132 had a cardiovascular condition, 120 had dementia, 58 had respiratory problems, 36 had cancer, 30 had a neurological condition, 25 had diabetes, and 23 had kidney problems.”

The mask propaganda also proved to be wrong.

Earlier this month, The Cochrane Library, a collection of medical databases, analyzed 18 random control groups and tried to determine how effective the N95 respirators were in preventing transmission. The study found that these masks likely made little to no difference for the wearer.

We also reported in January about how the COVID-19 vaccines failed to live up to promises. (See “VACCINE EXPERT CASTS NEW DOUBT ON COVID-19 BOOSTERS AFTER SKEPTICS WERE WRITTEN OFF AS ROGUES” 17 Jan 2023.)

Dr. Paul Offit, a vaccine expert embraced by the corporate media, wrote in an essay that data on the latest version of the COVID-19 booster indicates that it may not be worthwhile for most people because of its effectiveness. 

We were once sold the lie that the COVID vaccine had a 96 percent efficacy rate, but, as we noted, researchers monitoring new COVID-19 variants have noticed a trend that the more vaccine doses an individual took, the more likely they are to come down with the new variant of the virus.

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