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With countries continuing to reopen their societies after the unprecedented global shutdown, we keep seeing more and more evidence of non-scientific, irrational restrictions decreed by political leaders.
Many of these “Dictators 2.0” now are agreeing to end the months-long “stay in your house and shut down your business” rules they have imposed… but with a long list of extreme restrictions.
Among their new terms that have become popular is expanding your “bubble,” i.e., the tight circle of family and friends who have been living together during the lockdowns.
Some recent examples of the moronic dictates they keep making up, which the media Presstitutes sell and the masses buy:

  • Last Wednesday, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson disclosed a new “support bubble plan” that allows British residents to socialize with others under restricted conditions.
    Under the new “bubble” system, single parents and children under 18 living with them are now permitted to visit one other household without adhering to social distancing. Grandparents can hug their grandchildren again.
    Dictator Johnson stated, “We are making this change to support those who are particularly lonely as a result of lockdown measures.” He made sure to clarify, “It is emphatically not designed for people who don’t qualify to start meeting inside other people’s homes because that remains against the law.”
  • On 8 June, the First Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, said she “regrets” not allowing residents to visit family indoors yet. She added that her administration is looking at a “social bubble” strategy being tried in New Zealand, which permits small gatherings of friends and family while still maintaining a general shutdown. It should be noted that when the First Minister made her statements, it marked the second consecutive day of no new deaths from COVID in the entire country.
  • In Belgium, a “corona bubble” rule went into effect last month where citizens could choose no more than two sets of four people to be in their social “bubble.” The restriction means that people with more than four children and/or grandchildren have to eliminate seeing some of them. Last week, the government relented and now allows up to ten in a “bubble.”
    Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes stated in May, “The physical separation from those whom we love has in some cases become unbearable,” but she clarified that visitors should not hug or offer the customary three-kiss greeting. The government still recommends that “bubbles” meet in gardens or on terraces where possible, not indoors.
  • In Denmark, travel restrictions were somewhat decreased as romantic partners were permitted to enter the country, but only if they could offer proof they had been co-habiting with a Danish citizen for the last six months. Responding to protests, Denmark’s Justice Minister, Nick Haekkerup, announced amendment of the rule to: “If you say you are in a relationship and put it in writing, that is enough.”
  • In the province of Ontario, Canada, which includes the city of Toronto, residents are now allowed “social bubbles” of up to ten people. While people are restricted to being part of only one “bubble,” within each “bubble,” participants are allowed to hug and touch.
  • On 8 June, folks living in Alameda County, CA, which includes the city of Oakland, were given permission to meet in “social bubbles,” small outdoor gatherings among different households.
    As described by Alameda County Health Officer Dr. Erica Pan, the “social bubble” can be up to 12 people, but to limit physical contact, everyone is restricted to one bubble at a time. Dr. Pan explained, “We’re now allowing you a few contacts outside your home to allow you to have that social connection, and be around each other outdoors. Again, adults with face coverings and social distancing. But we want people to have that next layer of social interaction.”
  • An article published by the New York Times on 9 June noted, “Public health experts are beginning to embrace options… like forming a ‘bubble’ with another household or moving social activities outdoors.” The article concluded these “bubbles” don’t eliminate risk but “minimize it as people try to return to daily life.”

TRENDPOST: As we have continually noted from the onset of the COVID Hysteria since late January, dictatorial politicians not only have destroyed the global economy, destroyed businesses, and pushed tens of millions into poverty and despair, they also have intruded deeply into virtually every aspect of citizens’ lives.
Not only have they abrogated Constitutions and Bill of Rights, they have imposed dictates of social (“forced”) distancing, mask wearing, capacity limitation, rights to assemble… who can visit whom when and where, without one scintilla of scientific evidence to back it up.
And the Presstitutes keep selling what their corporate pimps and government whoremasters pay them to sell… and again, the public buys it.
As we have noted since the lockdowns and “States of Emergency” were issued, just as obedient public marched to Mussolini, Heil Hitler, and saluted Stalin, they obediently and patriotically march to orders from their leaders to fight the COVID War that the leaders have self-declared.

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