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It was the big news last week blasted across the mainstream media. President Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday in Geneva and warned the Russian leader—who he referred to as a “worthy adversary”—about cyberattacks and the treatment of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
Biden was asked by reporters after the meeting about the action he would take if Navalny were to die while in prison and the president said the consequences “would be devastating for Russia.”
Putin said that Navalny knew that he broke the law and it should be no surprise that he was arrested when he returned to Russia.
“The gentlemen in question went abroad for treatment,” Putin said. “As soon as he went to the hospital he showed his videos on the internet….He wanted consciously to break the law. He did exactly what he wanted to do. So what kind of discussion can we be having (about Navalny)?”
Putin called Biden a pragmatic statesman.
“I can say that he is a very constructive, balanced person, as I expected,” Putin said. “It seems to me that we generally spoke the same language. This does it mean at all that we must necessarily look into the soul, into the eyes and swear and internal love and friendship. Not at all, we are protecting the interests of our countries and peoples. These relations are primarily pragmatic.”
Biden also mentioned the recent cyberattacks that have been blamed on Russia, namely SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline. The SolarWinds hackers were believed to be directed by Russia’s intelligence service, the SVR.
Putin flat out denied any responsibility for the attack and asked to see evidence tying the hack to Russia instead of just “insinuations” by the U.S.
TREND FORECAST: The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! The Cold War, launched immediately after World War II, paused, but never ended. 
From Russian defectors being poisoned in the U.K, to Donald Trump’s Presidential win, to any cyberattack, high crime and misdemeanors – without providing a shred of hard evidence, America’s media and politicians blame it on the Russians. (See: Pure Propaganda
And while the western media continues to report on the German horrors of the Holocaust which killed over 6 million Jewish civilians (, Adolph Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa” launched against the Soviet Union 80 years ago today, costing the lives of some 30 million people on the Eastern Front. 
Yet, these Nazi horrors have been brainwashed out of society, masked by the Cold War and the Iron Curtain that separated Eastern Europe and Russia from the west. 
Thus, while the Putin and Biden was meeting was gentlemanly and they signed a Joint Statement on Strategic Stability, we forecast that considering the bottom line concerns of the military/industrial/intelligence complex which rules Washington (See, President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address… America’s Cold War mentality will continue.
Following the meeting, Biden’s detractors said little was accomplished for the U.S., while his defenders say that the diplomatic process takes time and will not be solved with just one meeting.
TRENDPOST: President Vladimir Putin referred to a quote attributed to Leo Tolstoy at the summit when he said that in life there is no “solid happiness” only “silent lightnings, a mirage of it on the horizon—cherish those.”
“And it seems to me that in our situation there can be no absolute ‘family trust.’ But I think the silent lightnings of it actually flashed by,” he said.
The Washington Post reported that President Joe Biden said there was no “kumbaya” moment.
It is not surprising that there was no diplomatic win by either leader, but if pressed, many political observers said it seemed Putin carried the day. (Once again he shared the world stage with the U.S. president, which further cemented Russia’s importance.)
The Trends Journal has reported for months about the strained relations between Washington and Moscow, even before Biden was in the White House. (SEE: PUTIN ACKNOWLEDGES BIDEN’S ANTI-RUSSIAN RHETORIC,” “BIDEN HITS RUSSIA WITH SANCTIONS.”)
Biden has called Putin a killer and stood by his comment before the meeting on Wednesday, and Putin has done little to win over the new administration. Between his aggression in Ukraine, Moscow’s decision to leave the Open Skies Arms Control Treaty, and damaging cyberattacks have all hurt the relationship.
An aide for Biden talked to The New York Times shortly after the meeting, and said the president is “perpetually optimistic” that the relationship can turn around.
“He may be the only one,” the aide said.
It was Tolstoy after all who wrote in “Anna Karenina”: “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.”

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