U.S. President Joseph Biden

What would be worse: President Joe Biden lying about teaching a course on political theory at the University of Pennsylvania, or the president not knowing if he ever taught at the school?

Either way, last week, the “gaffe-prone” president surprised an audience at Maryland’s Prince George’s Community College when he claimed that democracy itself is under attack, and we must fight to protect it.

With an unblemished warmonger record over the past 60 years, Biden, who received five student draft deferments and a “1-Y” classification during the Vietnam War because he had asthma when he was a teenager, told the audience how he taught at the Ivy League school for four years, so he knows that “every generation has to fight for democracy.”

The New York Post reported that Biden was an “honorary” professor at the school from 2017 to 2019, but despite pulling in a nifty $900,000, he never taught semester-long classes or had any administrative duties, the report said. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Biden turned up on the school’s campus about 12 times in the years he was cashing those checks, and before he ran for president.

The Daily Mail has reported that Biden, 80, seems to be having difficulty remembering some key moments in his life. He recently claimed he was at Ground Zero the day after the 9/11 attacks.

TRENDPOST: Gerald Celente often criticizes politicians like Biden, who spend their entire lives sucking off the public tit, as being nothing but leeches who use connections to pick up no-show jobs when it’s the other party’s turn to run the government. Any politician considered an “outsider” is quickly ignored by the media and major political parties, even if your last name is Kennedy. (See “PRESIDENTIAL REALITY SHOW: WSJ ATTEMPTS TO PAINT RFK JR AS CONSPIRACY THEORIST, DOING MURDOCH’S BIDDING” 27 Jun 2023, “PRESIDENTIAL REALITY SHOW: PENCE ANNOUNCES RUN FOR PRESIDENT” 13 Jun 2023, and “PRESIDENTIAL REALITY SHOW: CORNEL WEST WANTS TO CHALLENGE ‘NEO FASCIST’ TRUMP, ‘MILQUETOAST NEOLIBERAL’ BIDEN” 13 Jun 2023.)

Biden has been caught plagiarizing from speeches, essays, and policy positions. When he was a student at Syracuse Law School, he reportedly plagiarized five pages from a law review journal “without quotation or attribution.”

Biden is running for president as the oldest sitting president in history, and—like Sens. Mitch McConnell and Daine Feinstein—represent an aging breed of politicians who refuse to let go and will continue to be elected by an uninformed public. To paraphrase the old saying: Countries get the governments they deserve.

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