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Gonzalo Cañada, a host on BBC’s Spanish-language service, BBC News Mundo, said during a program last week that Jewish wealth and influence can help explain why there’s so much support for the tiny Middle Eastern country in the U.S. 

The reporter said there are about seven million Jews living in Israel. The U.S., a country of 331.9 million, is home to about 7.5 million Jews.

“Although Jews are a minority in the American population, they are a powerful minority,” Cañada noted, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The paper noted that the BBC has been criticized for its coverage of the Israel war, with some calling the reporting unfairly harsh on Israel and antisemitic. The BBC does not call Hamas a terror organization. 

TRENDPOST: It is no secret in the U.S. that Jewish political groups have a lot of power due to their ability to promote candidates who promise to be loyal to Israel.

We noted in 2022, Jewish groups in the U.S. spent tens of millions on their favorite candidates in primaries alone to defeat any candidate that has anything other than a most favorable view of the Apartheid state of Israel. 

We’ve reported on how these donations tend to go to candidates with a more centrist view of Israel, which generally means they will turn a blind eye to human rights violations in Gaza and missile attacks on Syria. (See “AIPAC FLEXES $ MUSCLE: DUMPS IN MILLIONS TO POLITICAL LACKEYS” 8 Aug 2022 and “AIPAC ATTACKS U.S. CANDIDATES CRITICAL OF ISRAEL” 24 May 2022.) 

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., the only current member of Congress of Palestinian descent, won her primary easily last week despite pro-Israel groups like AIPAC spending millions to unseat her. 

J Street, which is considered to be AIPAC’s “progressive foil,” penned an article in The Guardian in 2022 that claimed AIPAC and UDP PAC was working to bully candidates into believing that it is not possible to criticize Israeli policy in any way and cannot whisper any support of Palestinian rights, The Jewish Journal reported. J Street wrote that it is “anti-democratic when a group can influence this process in such a way.”

Imagine a world where a pro-Kremlin PAC emerged in the U.S. and contributed millions for political campaigns tied to politicians considered by the mainstream as “not anti-Russian enough.” 

It would never happen because there is—whether Russia or any country sending money to support their American candidate—a double standard in the United States.   

We also noted last week that some pro-Israel politicians in the U.S. have framed the war in Israel as though it is a “religious” war. (See “GRAHAM CALLS ISRAEL WAR A ‘RELIGIOUS WAR’. SO GET READY TO FIGHT FOR THE RELIGION HE BELIEVES IN” 17 Oct 2023.)

Cañada Considers U.S. Support

The BBC host noted how quickly Biden and his team voiced their total support for Israel after the Hamas attack on 7 October. He said half of American Jews have a household income of “more than $100,000 annually, while among Americans in general, the percentage with that same income barely reaches 19 percent.”

“In terms of educational level, 36 percent of American Jews have completed a postgraduate degree, compared to 14 percent of the general US population. Furthermore, Jews have also found prosperous avenues in politics. In the current legislature, 34 congressmen, 6.4 percent of parliamentarians, declare themselves to be Jewish, while the portion of the American population that declares itself Jewish does not exceed two percent.”

TRENDPOST: Obviously Cañada better not submit a job application to Fox News and CNN any time soon after that report. Any reporting on Israel that does not fit the approved narrative is immediately written off as antisemitism at its ugliest.

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