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As of last Friday, Australia, with a population of some 25 million people, experienced a total of 472 deaths from COVID (0.002 percent). Yet, as we’ve been reporting in the Trends Journal, the government has been shutting down entire cities and imposing draconian rules on its citizens.
Among them, Melbourne, which has imposed strict police/military enforcement on those who do not obey the new COVID Rules.
The city is launching high-tech drones to identify anyone not wearing a mask in public and to scan the identity of any vehicle breaking the recent rule to stay within five kilometers (about three miles) from home.
The government will also use the drones to fly over parks and playgrounds to make sure they are empty. The new drones are capable of covering a seven-kilometer area (just over four miles) and generating photographic images that can identify a vehicle license plate from 500 meters (almost 550 yards).
Melbourne police recently fined a couple for allowing their child to play in an area over the 5km restriction; a search warrant was issued to confiscate computers of two men who were organizing an anti-lockdown protest; and a policeman choked and brought down a young woman who gave him the finger when he ordered her to put on her mask. (Watch video here.)
As we have reported, the media and governments are hyping “cases” of the virus rather than deaths. Even at the case level, the state of Victoria, which includes Melbourne, reported just 179 new virus infections on Friday, the lowest number since 13 July.
Despite the falling cases, on Friday, additional border restrictions were imposed, preventing people from crossing the state’s borders, whether or not they test positive, unless they don’t plan on returning.
Too Dumb to Count
While the Australian government has been vigilant in imposing draconian restrictions on its citizens, they’ve been negligent when it comes to protecting those from COVID-19 who need it the most.
As we’ve continually reported in the Trends Journal, those most vulnerable from dying of the virus are elder care home residents suffering from chronic illnesses.
Displaying the gross incompetence and stupidity of the government, Richard Colbeck, Australia’s Minister for Aged Care, when asked at a Senate hearing how many elder citizens died from the coronavirus, he couldn’t answer the question.
Labor Senator Katy Gallagher, chairperson of the hearing, aghast at Mr. Colbeck’s ignorance, said, “You don’t know how many people have passed away and you’re now telling me you don’t know how many people have the infection? You’re the Minister for Aged Care.”
Out of the total of 472 COVID-19 deaths across the entire country, 285 lived in residential elder care homes (60 percent).
Lockdown for What? 
Last Friday, the state of Victoria remained in “strict lockdown/drone-surveillance/fines for breaking curfew” mode despite the news that daily virus infections fell below 200 for the first time in almost two months.
For the nation, residents and citizens are banned from leaving, borders have been closed to non-residents, and only 4,000 expats are permitted to return to the country each week.
TRENDPOST: Never mentioned in the media by politicians or health officials is this critical fact: over the course of nearly eight months, there have been less than 500 virus deaths in the country, yet last year, over 900 Australians died from seasonal flu and, in 2017, over 1,100 died. 
Another 5,000 Australians die from exposure to air pollution each year… and then there are the tons chemicals and pesticides injected into the earth, water, and air that continue, lockdowns or not.
TRENDPOST: On Monday, it was reported there were 15 more confirmed virus cases from nursing homes. The seven men and eight women ranged in age from their 80s to more than 100.
Again and again, over and over, we report the facts of who is dying from the virus and why, yet they are glossed over by the fear-mongering media, power-hungry politicians… and unknown or dismissed by the general public.
Yesterday, Victoria’s Prime Minister Andrews used the deaths as an excuse to recommend that his Executive Power “State of Emergency” dictates be extended for a full 12 months.
Echoing the words of a number of world leaders and official health “experts,” he described as “logical” the strategy of keeping the national shutdown in place until a successful vaccine is available.

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