Vladimir Yermakov, Russia’s Foreign Ministry’s head of nuclear non-proliferation, said in an interview on Monday that the risk of a nuclear exchange between Moscow and the U.S. is increasing by the day.

Yermakov echoed previous comments from other Russian leaders when he said Washington’s near limitless support for Ukraine to keep the war rolling is only increasing the risk of a nuclear confrontation.

“The most acute threat today is associated with the danger of nuclear escalation as a result of a direct military confrontation between nuclear powers,” he told TASS, the Russian news agency. “And these risks, to the deepest regret, are steadily growing.”

Russia is believed to have about 2,000 tactical weapons kept in about 34 bunkers across the country.

Sergei Ryabkov, the Russian deputy foreign minister, told reporters last month that Russia was in a “de facto” war with Washington over Ukraine, and, said the stakes are even higher given the disagreements on the 2010 New START Treaty, which put a limit on the number of deployed strategic nuclear warheads held by the countries at 1,550 each.

The treaty has been extended to 2026. Washington raised the possibility that the treaty is moot because it “cannot certify the Russian Federation to be in compliance with the terms.”

Russia said that since the U.S. has announced that its goal is the strategic defeat of Russia, there can be no business-as-usual and pulled out of the treaty in February.

Yermakov also brought up the failure of the 2010 treaty and said if the U.S. continues to follow its current course of confrontation with Russia, “then the fate of START may be a foregone conclusion.” 

TRENDPOST: Ever since our 22 February issue, The Trends Journal has said the world is going to go from the COVID War, to the Ukraine War, to WWIII, which would almost ensure a nuclear exchange. Totally absent is any discussion of a peaceful settlement, and shortsighted politicians in the U.S. are pushing for more conflict with the hopes of damaging Russia so it is no longer a threat.

Ukraine would have been forced to negotiate with Russia months ago if not for the multi-billion-dollar weapon flows from the West and billions in funding to prop up the economically broke and busted Kyiv government.

The West is fighting more than just a “proxy war” with Russia. The West is at war with Russia. 

We forecast, as economies in the West decline, the war drags on, and Ukraine loses more territory to Russia… the massive weapons and money flows will dry up and Russia will win the war.

We’ve warned that if We the People do not unite for Peace and Freedom, it will be the beginning of the end of life on earth and the beginning of the “Little Ice Age.” (See “NUCLEAR WAR: MELT, BURN AND FREEZE” 12 Jul 2022, “EU BORRELL SAYS RUSSIAN ARMY WOULD BE ‘ANNIHILATED’ IF PUTIN USES NUKES IN UKRAINE,” 18 Oct 2022,  “PUTIN SENDS STERN WARNING TO THE WEST, VOWS TO KEEP UP FIGHT IN UKRAINE” 18 Oct 2022 and “PUTIN WARNS WEST TO STOP SENDING DEADLY WEAPONS OR RUSSIA WILL HIT ‘OBJECTS THAT WE HAVEN’T YET STRUCK.’” 7 Jun 2022).

Last November, President Joe Biden told a Democratic fundraiser in New York that the risk of nuclear Armageddon was at its highest point since the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

Despite Biden’s comment, U.S. intelligence told news outlets that there is no new information that would suggest Putin is any closer to using nuclear weapons since the beginning of the war.

At the time, Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin needed some kind of “off-ramp.” The tables seemed to have turned.

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