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A recent Gallup poll found that an increasing number of Americans see the government as the country’s biggest problem, followed by inflation, and immigration.

The January 2023 survey found that 21 percent of Americans polled said the government is the top problem, which is a six percent jump since the November/December poll. 

The most recent poll was conducted during the Capitol Hill standoff between Republicans when deciding on who should represent their slight majority as House Speaker. The survey also noted that the poll was conducted as the country learned about top-secret documents found in President Joe Biden’s private office. 

“The government ranks as the top problem for both Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (24 percent) and Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents (18 percent),” Gallup said.

TRENDPOST: It is worth noting that The Trends Journal has reported on how Americans say they dislike the politicians who represent them, but continue to re-elect them. This recent Gallup poll is a good example of this trend. Despite more Americans identifying government as the biggest problem facing the country, the “job approval ratings of [President Joe] Biden (41 percent) and Congress (21 percent) remained flat.”

It’s Always the Economy, Stupid

Following the government, 15 percent of Americans cited inflationary pressures as the biggest problem for the country, with more than four in five U.S. adults considering the country’s economic conditions “fair.” About 45 percent of those polled said conditions are poor. The Gallup survey said 72 percent of Americans think the economy is on the wrong track. 

The survey found that 65 percent of those polled are happy with the overall quality of life in the country, but these numbers are significantly below the 89 percent polled from 2001-2002 and 77 percent in 2002.

About half of those polled said they are content with the influence of organized religion, but just one-third of those polled agree with the “size and power of the federal government as well as the U.S. system of government and how it works.”

Just 20 percent of Americans said they were satisfied with the country’s moral and ethical climate, and 24 percent said they agree with the way income and wealth are distributed. About 27 percent said they agree with the influence major companies have in the U.S.

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal identified new, anti-establishment parties as a TOP TREND of 2023 because people the world over are facing growing political and economic instability as a result of the failures of political leaders and government institutions. (See “TOP TREND 2023: ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT – NEW POLITICAL PARTIES.”)

Multiple recent world events have created cracks in the willingness of average citizens to accept and follow the dictates of the Establishment.

In short, the COVID War, persistent economic Dragflation, and the folly and misdirection of political leaders instigating, launching, and trying to distract their own disgruntled populations by rallying them to wars and military build-ups has severely undermined the credibility of the establishment.

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