The United States Capitol Building With A Crack In The Dome And American Flag In The Background

A newly released Gallup poll found that 74 percent of those polled said the U.S. government is corrupt, which ties with Mexico for most corrupt countries.

The report noted that there are high-profile items in the news that are likely contributing to the numbers in the U.S., including former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden’s son Hunter facing criminal charges. 

Earlier this month, Gallup released another poll that found Americans rate the ethics of “top Biden administration officials” more negatively than positively. The Biden administration’s 42 percent ethics score is just above the 37 percent and 38 percent figures recorded during Trump’s administration, the report noted.

“It’s notable that Biden and Trump are the only presidents whose administrations’ ethics have received more negative than positive reviews. 

Before now, the worst result was a tie, seen for Barack Obama’s administration in 2013 and George W. Bush’s in late 2005,” Gallup said. 

The polling has not changed very much over the years. In 2015, for example, three in four Americans perceived corruption as widespread in the country’s government and the trend has been largely stable since 2010, according to Gallup.

TREND FORECAST: The facts prove that the vast majority of Americans know their government is a crime syndicate. Yet, with it run by a two-party gang, the plantation workers of Slavlandia keep voting them in.

Americans have shown that they’re content with electing politicians who enrich themselves and their families, get us into never-ending wars, and fix the economy so the Bigs get Bigger while the Middle Class struggles to get by each month. (See “HATE TRUMP, HATE BIDEN: AMERICA READY FOR THIRD POLITICAL PARTY,” 13 Dec 2022.)

Indeed, Gerald Celente has long said the U.S. is ready for a populist, anti-establishment, anti-tax, anti-vax, anti-immigration political movement. Trump showed promise but did not deliver.

He threw his support behind Robert F. Kennedy Jr., because he stood up for our constitutional rights in the face of political boys and girls that took complete control over Americans during the COVID-19 outbreak.  (See “RFK JR. SLAMS COVID-19 LOCKDOWNS DURING FOX NEWS TOWN HALL” 1 Aug 2023, “NEW YORK TIMES PUBLISHES HIT PIECE ON RFK JR.” 11 Jul 2023 and “RFK JR POINTS OUT HOTEZ CLOSE TIES TO CHINESE COVID EXPERIMENTS” 27 Jun 2023.)

There are two sets of rules for Americans: the rules for the important people and the rules for the little people. 

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